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This old railroad is about to become Cali’s newest wine trail

The abandoned Northwestern Pacific Railroad is set to become California’s newest super-scenic wine trail, according to a proposed bill.

The Great Redwood Trail would stretch from San Fransisco Bay to Humboldt Bay over 300 miles, cutting through the breathtaking Eel River Canyon. Most of the hiking trail would be over the railroad itself, with parts of it adjacent as some small areas of the Railroad are still in service. 

The train would offer visitors a new, more immersive way to experience the breathtaking panoramas of the North Californian wine country, allowing travellers to get up close and personal with nature rather than whirling past it in the car. The trail would provide access to some of the regions undiscovered wilderness areas. Cameras at the ready… 

Alongside providing the opportunity to hike the Golden State’s most spectacular terrain, the trail would also provide economic support for the regions rural communities, and breathe new life into the area. The bill is backed by a whole host of local environmental committees, indicating it will have a low environmental impact on the wine country. 


Amazing as this all sounds, the project is estimated to cost up to a whopping $1 billion – and that’s just to restore the canyon itself. Yikes. Despite the price tag, the widespread support from local communities means nature lovers worldwide can bet you’ll be hiking the trail, surrounded by sun-soaked scenery, before you can say “large glass of Cali’s finest, please”.