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12 reasons you need to visit Switzerland

A woman visiting Switzerland stands in front of a breathtaking waterfall.

Falling in love is special and we should never take it for granted. Falling in love with a country though, now that’s a different story. Hence, why we’ve totally fallen head over heels for Switzerland. And how could you not? With over 22 lakes, 5 alpine passes and 11 UNESCO world heritage sites – there are one too many reasons you need to visit Switzerland.

There’s an insane Mountain Coaster you can bobsled down, which plummets 750 metres down the mountain

Breathtaking train rides to the highest railway station in Europe at 3,454 metres

A trip to the Jungfraujoch mountain is the highlight of any trip amidst spectacular snow, ice, and glaciers. FYI: This railway is more than 100-years old.

A scenic train journey through the mountains of Switzerland.

There are over 450 varieties of cheese available

Cheese fiends, we’re talking to you! Switzerland has been in the cheesemaking game for hundreds of years. Try the Emmentaler AOP and Le Gruyère AOP (hard-cheese) which are some of the best-known cheeses both in Switzerland and abroad.

Hamper of delicious Swiss foods

You can see Matterhorn, the most-photographed mountain on earth and the symbol of Switzerland

A majestic mountain reflected in a crystal-clear lake, perfect for visiting Switzerland.

Idyllic spot for skydivers, base-jumpers and adventurers

Lauterbrunnen = adventure capital of Switzerland. Whether you’re participating or spectating, many around the world make their way here just to jump over the lush Swiss Alps.



Perfect in every season – but just look how magical it is in winter?

If you love the thought of world-class snow, Switzerland is the place to be.

There’s a tiny mountainhouse built directly into the cliff face of Ebenalp

The 170-year old Aescher guesthouse is positioned high above the Appenzeller mountains and open only from May to November. This unique guesthouse offers 360-degree Alpine views, a sunny-cliff side at 5000 feet and you can almost hear the cows munching on the far side of the valley. Take in mind, you can only access Aescher via cable car.

Visit Switzerland to see a house on the side of a cliff.

Lake Lucerne’s Old Town

The perfect town to explore with covered wooden bridges, cobbled lanes and an impressive backdrop of mountains to match.

A visit to Switzerland offers stunning views of cityscapes.

Zoom down the mountains of Grindelwald

Sounds wild right? At First Flyer, you can go nearly 90k/ph via 800 metres of steel cable, 50 feet high above the ground.

A person is riding a zip line in the mountains while visiting Switzerland.

Ideal location to chase em’ waterfalls

Think Switzerland is just all about lakes and rivers? Think again. It also offers majestic waterfalls, including the biggest one in Europe located at Rhine Falls. And our pick? Lauterbrunnen. It’s the gateway to some of the most spectacular valleys in Switzerland with over 72 waterfalls located in its surrounds.

A majestic waterfall on a rocky cliff in Switzerland.

The coolest city ever – Zurich

Free bike hire, rooftop pools and trendy cafes – is there anything Zurich doesn’t have? As one of the most liveable cities in the world, Zurich oozes charm, cool and ultimate chill. A perfect getaway in the summer.


If you wanna head where the cool kids are, travel West of Zurich and check out Mrs Gerolds Garten. This is a beer garden that’s slowly developed into an institution filled with shops, art, a community garden project and a vibrant program of events held all year round.

The sky is cloudy in Switzerland.

In 2015, it was voted the happiest country on Earth – that’s kinda a big deal!

Yep, we’ve totally fallen #inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND. 

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A group of cows walking through Switzerland.