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The Recipe for a Perfect Friendsgiving

For Friendsgiving, a turkey is sitting on a table.

The holidays are meant to be spent with the ones you love; your friends and your family. But what if your friends ARE your family? What if you just CAN’T make it home this Thanksgiving? Well luckily, the clever millennials in America have found a way to solve this debacle and it’s called… wait for it… Friendsgiving.

Friends + Thanksgiving = Why not?!

Friendsgiving is not about traditional traditions. It’s a stress free way to spend the holiday and it’s a growing trend for all those who don’t want to worry about awkward interactions, or small talk, or prying relatives, or crying relatives… or whatever it is that every crazy family has to bring to the table.

Friendsgiving - thanksgiving in lego form

The first rule of Friendsgiving…

…Is that there are no rules to Friendsgiving. Only a few main ingredients. So whether you’re at home this November or traveling abroad, here are the 3 basic things you’ll need that make for a perfect celebration:

Friendsgiving - drinking wine

1. Friends

Spend the day exploring with new travel buddies or get warm and cozy on the couch with your old fashioned favorites. As always, the more the merrier!

Friendsgiving - thanksgiving food


The bird’s the word here people. Home-dwellers usually aim for a traditional meal where the host will cook a turkey and everyone else will bring the sides. Those not feelin’ fowl this year may opt for more adventurous dishes in exotic places. Either way, gobble ’til you wobble.

Friendsgiving - monopoly board

3. Fun

Let the games begin! From board games & jam sessions to bar games & karaoke. It doesn’t really matter what your group ends up doing just as long as everyone is celebrating together.