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The iconic dance moves that will never die

iconic dance moves - image of beyonce dancing

Please Lord never let these iconic dance moves be erased from our memories, especially number 10…

The Tay Tay hip roll

‘To the fella over there with the real good hair’…oh you know the words…

taylor swift dancing gif

The Minaj booty shake

Even if you haven’t got the junk, girl you shake that trunk…

Rihanna delivers an electrifying performance showcasing her iconic dance moves at the MTV Music Awards.

The Sheeran side step

Can’t dance, won’t dance Sheeran proving everyone wrong with this cheeky shimmy…

ed sheeran dancing gif

The Miley tongue poke

Seriously, that tongue has a life of its own

miley cyrus gif

The Kim and Kanye motorbike dry hump

The video that spurred a trillion memes…

kim and kanye gif

The Timberlake snake hips

Yep, still hot

Justin Timberlake dancing gif

The Rihanna pow pow

Timeless and full of ‘tude

Rihanna dance gif

The Florence float

Flo clearly missed her calling as a ballerina – just look at that extension…

Florence Welch dance gif

The Madonna Cape mistake

We’re still cringing

Madonna dance gif

The Beyonce we don’t even know

Lets blame the raspberry blowing face on Sasha Fierce…

Beyonce dance gif


Whilst Beyonce may of (temporarily) lost her moves, we know one guy who clearly isn’t. Check out what happened when we teamed up with America’s best dance crew star and YouTube creator D-tRIX to turn his dream of visiting Europe into one hell of a moving and shaking Contiki Legend. Watch the video here.