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The Secret Camping Locations Around The World


There’s something about the great outdoors; the fresh air, the countryside locations and an experience unequivocally like any other.

We’ve sourced the best secret camping locations around the globe to give you ultimate #campvibes…


When you think of Canada, you think of sweeping landscapes, rocky mountains, diverse wildlife, delicious poutine and of course, some seriously prime camping real estate. Camping in Canada is a popular pastime with many favourite starry night locations in Vancouver BC, Alberta, even Nova Scotia. Park Canada is responsible for protecting and managing Canada’s national parks so best to check and see if you require a permit before entering certain campsites.

The Jasper National park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984 and boasts world-class scenery left, right and centre. If you’re driving on Highway 93, there are plenty of campsites to choose from, although do be mindful of bears (seriously). Visit the Miette Hot springs and check out the Athabasca waterfalls, or if you want to soak in the sights (see below) in comfort, check out Kammok – who stock portable hammocks to get you off the ground from a tree, post, rock etc.

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Nestled high above the skies in Bavaria, Germany, there’s an extremely cool way you can sleep and camp  – up in the trees.  Pretty awesome right? There are steep cliffs from 100 to 300 metres above sea level where you can camp, making this one extreme night to remember. It’s not cheap though, with prices ranging from $150 – $1000 per night – meals and sleeping bags included.

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New Zealand

Little, crazy beautiful NZ boasts spectacular sights and some of the best camping spots in the world. If you’re an adventurous soul and hungry to get out amongst nature and sleep under the stars, New Zealand’s callin’ your name. The best camping spots in NZ can be found here. Impressive scenery can be found throughout, but the South island of NZ is heaven for campers and RV drivers looking for a slice of kiwi-goodness.

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Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is the perfect place for adventurers who are looking for isolated and untouched camping spots. Take note though – there are no public wilderness areas in the Faroes. Camping is only permitted at designated campsites. As Faroe is known for its unpredictable weather, it’s best to come prepared and have high quality and waterproof camping equipment with you.

United States

The Great American RoadTrip is a quintessential bucket list adventure. But camping is another. In celebration of America’s National Parks 100th Birthday, it’s the perfect chance for you to get out and explore. Start at the Yosemite national park, one of the best locations for camping, but be sure to reserve a campsite early to ensure a spot.


There’s a secret island unbeknownst to many in the South of Cambodia, known as Koh Rong – where actually, nothing much can really go wrong. For a measly $4 you can rent a tent, trek it across the jungle (beware of snakes), abseil down a set of rocks and voila, you have reached paradise, untouched and in its natural prime where you can pitch your tent.


Australia has some of the best camping spots along its coast filled with idyllic beaches, untouched surfing spots and year round sunshine. But one local favourite in NSW is within the Myall Lakes National Park, up in the North Coast of NSW, known as Seal Rocks. It’s untouched and lined with serene beaches and rocky outcrops, plus as the name suggests is a popular seal hangout.