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Man on a mission: Seth Maxwell’s vision of drinkable water for all


Judging the water category for six-Two’s 35 under 35 changemakers of 2018 is Seth Maxwell, CEO and co-founder of The Thirst Project. Seth’s life journey took a pretty sharp turn from studying theatre when his friend, who had just returned from India, opened his eyes to the global water crisis. After taking to the streets to spread awareness with his friends, The Thirst Project was born – and now has over 2,100 water projects established in 13 countries.

Here’s what he had to say about his mission for clean, drinkable water for all…

How long have you been working with water preservation and protection causes for?

I have been working with water preservation and protection causes for eleven years.


Why do you feel so passionately about water preservation?

I feel so passionately about water preservation because I believe that water is a human right. 

Why are young people so important for the future of water preservation and protection?

Young people are the most powerful agents for social change in the world. It’s not just a talking point. I believe it with everything in me. Young people take action and activate after learning about a need at a speed that their older counterparts simply cannot sometimes. Jobs, mortgages, children, etc. often become filters through which older people determine if or how much they can do as it relates to social cause. Young people don’t have those burdens.

How have you seen young people change and shape laws and thinking around water preservation and protection?

At Thirst Project alone, we work with over 360,000 young people each year.

What attracted you to being involved with six-two’s 35 under 35 initiative?

I am a longtime lover of the Contiki brand and family, and six-two’s mission is both inspiring and encouraging. I love seeing brands like Contiki step outside of their business goals to simply make money and take on projects like what six-two and the 35 under 35 initiative are doing.

Why do you think initiatives like this, that celebrate young people, are so important?

Young people are stronger than they, and often others, think. Initiatives like this are important to give them a space to stretch their legs, realize their full potential, and be celebrated for it, so that others will continue to take action and build a world that truly works for everyone.

What credentials were you looking for in the nominees you selected?

I looked for young people who led creative campaigns, successfully recruited large numbers of peers to take action alongside them, raised large sums of money, and demonstrated strong moral character & competency in this field.

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