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Getting to know: six-two staff writer Danielle Kirk

A woman named Danielle sitting on a boat in front of a fountain.

The day job: Content and social media chica at Contiki. Maker of memes and a big fan of a well placed pun. Part time blogger, full time travel obsessed.

The place I call home:

Sydney, Australia

How long have I been writing for six-two:

Nearly 2 years

How did I get into writing:

I’ve always been into writing (all my family are creative types) but it was just a fun thing I messed around with on my blog, I never thought I could make a career out of it until I got a job in media. I had taken a 6 month contract to up-skill in social media but after the contract was up I branched out to social media and writing for a teen girl magazine online (Girlfriend magazine for any Aussies out there!). From there it just took off! I used to write 10 articles a day (so much click bait!) but Justin Bieber wasn’t exactly my deepest passion so a couple years later when a job came up at Contiki, I knew that job had to be mine. Now here I am and it’s the dream come true I knew it would be.


My favourite topic to write about:

‘Real talk’ stories for sure. Writing travel guides is fun but diving deep into a topic that touches on a vulnerability or gives a new perspective to people is too powerful to pass up writing.


My favourite travel destination:

I can’t choose one but my top 3 are Edinburgh, New Orleans and Florence


My best travel memory:

I can’t choose just one of these either! Top 3: this epic sunset in Florence that was so beautiful my friend and I wanted to cry, seeing the stars at night in the middle of Australia at Uluru and having my birthday in El Salvador (the whole day was just perfect).


My advice for someone looking to get into travel writing:

Start writing! If you overthink it and worry about getting a degree (FYI, my degree is in marketing not journalism), or getting a job, or recognition etc., you will never pick up a pen. Just start, seriously. Get a blog and get your thoughts out. Practice makes perfect and the more you write the bigger your resume gets.

The Contiki trips I’ve loved the most:

My very first Contiki (back in the day) was the European Whirl which was a blast! Almost 5 years later I did the Grand Southern in the USA which is hands down the best Contiki trip ever and everyone should do it. I’ve also done the Spain, Morocco and Portugal trip, and this summer I just did the Turkish Sailing trip. As you can see I love Contiki!