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Getting to know: six-two staff writer Dom Oliver

Dom Oliver is paddling a yellow kayak on a body of water.

The day job: Writer and resident male for six-two. Lover of literature and all things travel. Just spent two eye-widening years on an Asian & Australian adventure, in a bid to treat my inoperable Britishness. I’m doing better, though still occasionally apologise to inanimate objects.

The place I call home:

Sunny South London

How long have I been writing for six-two:

2 very enjoyable months

How did I get into writing:

I grew up enamoured with travel writing. There’s something magical about the way a good writer can transport you to exotic lands through passion and vivid imagery. Then I travelled myself and always brought a journal along, jotting down everything that wowed and worried me along the way.


Two men, Dom and Oliver, sitting at a table with beer bottles.

My favourite topic to write about:

The slightly surreal side to travel. The little things that may seem bizzare or funny to foreign eyes, but on closer inspection have a lot of merit and cultural history.

My favourite travel destination:

It’s a toss-up between Vietnam and New Zealand. Both jaw-droppingly beautiful in very different ways.

A man, Dom Oliver, standing next to a statue in a park.

My best travel memory:

I had a water fight with a baby elephant at a sanctuary in North Thailand. That was pretty memorable, though the elephant definitely won due to its unfair face-hose advantage.

My advice for someone looking to get into travel writing:

Read as much as you write, if not more.


Dom and Oliver sitting on a bench in front of a building.

The Contiki trips I’m dreaming of:

Basically, all of them – but if I had to be picky: Japan Unrivalled, Coast to Canopies and the North American Epic Adventure.