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South Korea has a cheese theme park because dreams do come true

A group of women holding plates of cheese.

HOLY CHEES-US! South Korea has come through with the goods and has the only cheese theme park in the world (unless you count our fridge at Contiki HQ). Imsil Cheese Theme Park is a celebration of all that is fromage, and yes, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge.

The park opened in 2004 but has only recently come to the rest of the world’s attention as everyone’s cheese obsession continues to grow to dizzying heights. Not-so-fun fact, Korea wasn’t familiar with cheese until 1958! A Belgian priest by the name of Didier t’Serstevens came to the country, settled in Imsil County, and started raising goats to make his own cheese. Naturally, everyone who tried it was like “what is this amazing food” and he taught locals how to make it. Years later, the Ismil Cheese Theme Park was born as an homage (or should we say fromage) to the birth of cheese in Korea.

Visitors can learn about cheese, get their hands dirty making cheese, and of course, eat a HUGE variety of cheeses at the park which you can buy to take home or dine on at one of the two restaurants. Naturally, the décor is rather cheesy and features a Cheese Playland, cheese-wheel buildings and cartoon cheeses (and cows because that’s where cheese comes from ya know).

There’s also more serious business such as a milk processing facility and lab for researching cheese creation methods. They often hold cheese themed festivals around key events like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and New Year. We’re not trying to make your mouth water, but they often serve haloumi on sticks at the festivals and that’s just so, so great.

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