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To Speedo or Not to Speedo: Weird Swimwear Laws Around the World

A woman wearing a crocheted bikini top and a cowboy hat in compliance with swimwear laws.

As you get ready to hit the beach on your summer vacation, we all know that you want to make sure that you’re not committing any faux pas when strutting your stuff in your swimwear. Each country has their own laws regarding your swimsuit, so learn the do’s and don’ts of swimwear when you travel abroad!


To speedo or not to speedo? As our friend Justin James Hughes discovered in the video above, he’s allowed to wear a tiny French bathing suit around the French Riviera – but he’s got to put his pectorals on lockdown and cover them up! To avoid a fine, he was asked to put on a shirt – but he still rocked those teeny, weenie French bikini-type bottoms!

Sunbather on the beach bikini


Forget showing off that perfect pedi. When in Italy, you are required to wear footwear at all times at public swimming pools – no bare feet! That’s why you may see Italian glamazons in bathing suits and heels when at the pool. Visitors to particular Italian cities will also be fined for walking around town shirtless. It seems only Italian sculptures are allowed to show their goods for all the world to see…


It doesn’t matter if you waxed that chest to make it smoother than a baby’s bottom. Like France and Italy, it is illegal to stroll the streets of Barcelona bare-chested or wearing strictly swimwear on the regular streets. In fact, not wearing a cover-up and not being anywhere near a beach could warrant a hefty fine!


In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at beautiful Brighton Beach, it is still against the law not to cover up in a Victorian style swimsuit – meaning neck to knee coverage, though we can’t be sure this is widely enforced. Consider it a “retro revolution” in swimwear – and snap some selfies if you do it!

Brighton Beach, Melbourne

United States

In another city named Melbourne, but in the state of Florida, it is illegal to wear a thong on the beach. Sorry to dash your dreams of recreating the music video for Sisqo’s “Thong Song” – in Florida, it’s wrong to wear that thong! Keep the floss for your teeth!