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Getting to know: six-two staff writer Cassidy Loane

A woman named Cassidy Loane raises her hands in the air at a baseball game.

The day job: PR & Digital Exec for Contiki. Forever watching The Office (US), Seinfeld and Amy Schumer everything. Beach Burrito connoisseur. Constantly on a quest for delicious Prosecco and Chardonnay.

The place I call home:

Sydney, Australia

How long have I been writing for six-two:

Just a few months

How did I get into writing:

I started my career as a beauty and lifestyle writer with Cosmopolitan magazine before travel writing took over. I have always loved the way travel writing allows the reader a true escape and wanted to connect to this feeling as much as I could.

My favourite topic to write about:

I love to write about beautiful destinations I’m dying to visit, it really sparks my wanderlust. I really enjoy writing a first person account of my experiences as I believe for travellers, they connect with the way people feel when exploring destinations.

My favourite travel destination:

The USA will always be a favourite of mine. I’ve forever been fascinated by America and pop culture, plus I studied at UCLA whilst I was at uni so I have heaps of friends over there I love to visit whenever I can.

My best travel memory:

My parents saved up and travelled with my sister and I for a year when I was 10. There were so many incredible experiences within this trip but one of the best would have to be travelling to Clare Island – the home of my ancestors in Ireland and exploring the spectacular natural landscape.

My advice for someone looking to get into writing:

I believe travel writing is all about connecting with a reader and making them feel like they’ve truly been a part of your travel experience and then want to experience it for themselves – this takes practice and I recommend writing for yourself in journals while you travel to perfect this. Once you feel confident in your skills, sites where you can submit your travel stories (like six-two) are a great way to be published. Taking up a personal blog is also an amazing way to share your work and travels.

The Contiki trips I’m dreaming of:

That would be a toss up between Coast to Canopies, Greek Island Hopping and Fire & Ice!