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No men are allowed on SuperShe, a new female only island resort


Picture it: a remote, idyllic island where you can recharge to the fullest surrounded by nature, water and Scandinavian decor. Sound amazing? This island exists, but before you start planning to head there with your boyfriend, there’s a catch. 

This island, SuperShe, has a strict female only policy…

Last year was the year of women. We took centre stage with the #timesup movement, women’s march and a whole lotta awesome female power in the media. Alongside this new well-earned spotlight on women has come a new wave of female-focused products, movements and initiatives. Some utterly inspiring and essential, others a little more…questionable. Enter: SuperShe Island.

With the goal of connecting female powerhouses and bringing together a community of women, SuperShe Island is an island solely for women, sitting off the coast of Finland. The idea came from Kristina Roth, CEO and founder of SuperShe, a worldwide network of women who connect through thought and collaboration. While the organisation hosts international events year on year, this is the company’s first physical meeting space, and SuperShe’s official headquarters.


The 8.4 acre island can host 10 people at a time, with four cabins which are all impeccably stylish. So stylish in fact that even Vogue gave the cabins their own feature. All cabins are equipped with all the necessities Kristina deems essential for a female wellness escape; Finnish saunas, spa amenities and stunning kitchens. Lucky visitors can expect farm-to-table dining, nature activities and cooking classes as well as yoga and meditation groups at their disposal.

The island’s ethos is to welcome all women from all backgrounds, skill sets and ages to come together to relax and recharge without the distraction of male energy. Despite the no-men rule, Kristina stresses she’s not a man hater, she simply believes that the best environment for women to truly connect with themselves is in a women-only space, surrounded by like-minded female energy.

While this all might be sounding amazeballs, visiting the island isn’t as straightforward as you think. With five-day stays in a twin room in one of the islands gorgeous cabins setting you back anywhere between $3,000 – $6,000, this relaxing stay costs a pretty penny. It doesn’t stop there: visitors have to be approved by Kristina herself, in the form of a Skype interview.

As you can imagine, the introduction of SuperShe island hasn’t come without controversy. Yes, every woman should totally have the chance to relax without male energy once in a while (or as much as they need to) but the hefty price tag and interview process begs the question – is this entirely necessary? Most women can’t afford a 5-day exclusive island trip to connect with themselves, and they certainly shouldn’t have to feel like that’s what is necessary to truly relax and indulge in some self-care.


It’s also important to note that creating a fun, safe and relaxed female safe-space doesn’t need to involve flying to a remote island. Some cushions, snacks, a living room and a group of awesome women will emulate the same empowering feeling (minus the saunas).