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Switzerland’s Now Home To The World’s Longest Pedestrian Bridge & Hell Naw

World's longest suspension bridge over a mountain in Switzerland.

This article originally appeared on PEDESTRIAN. TV and was scribed by travel-thirsty editor, Lucinda Price.

The Swiss Alps are among some of the most picturesque in the world.

The area attracts over 120 million tourists per year, and it’s no mystery why. The high peaks, sheer valleys and crystal-clear lakes are well worth travelling to the other side of the globe to enjoy.

And now the region can lay claim to some manmade beauty in the form of… the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the whole got dang world.

The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge is a 91 metre high, 494 metre long suspension bridge that has just opened, running above a valley between Grächen and Zermatt in Switzerland.


The bridge has a grated metal floor, allowing thrill-seekers to glance below and cop serious bum tingles. It’s only wide enough to allow a single-file line of humans at a time, meaning you probably can’t hold your companions hand when you traverse to the other side. Quite like in birth, and in death. Not to scare you or anything.

Witness the bridge in all of its dizzyingly-high glory:

It takes ten minutes to walk from one end of the bridge to the other. Before the bridge came to be, traversing between peaks took a whopping 4 hours. You might crap your pants on the journey, but at least it’s relatively quick.

But adrenaline junkies, beware: the Swissrope operators advise no walking during a thunderstorm. Lightening + the bridge’s metal construction = not a good time.

Translated to English, the Zermatt tourism website reads “the thrill of traversing the precipice is indescribable”, meaning you gotta go over there are and experience it for yourself.