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We asked Sydney’s queens of food how they find the tastiest dishes on their travels

A woman table food bloggers.

When you travel you want to find the best food in every destination. This is a fact. We all love a burger, but travelling is all about trying the best local & authentic food, innit?

Enter food bloggers Eating Up With The Hannashians. These gals know what’s up when it comes to finding good looking food, with an Insta account to prove it, and they’ve just happened to share their intel with yours truly…

Read blogs written by locals

The Hannashians say they always do a deep dive into blogs for that area (you may need to use Google translate). Skip the famous publications and go right to the source, “although the Vogue travel ones are quite good”, they say if you want to read a glossy mag.

Get geo-tag savvy

“Look up the geo-tag of the city you’re visiting so you know where the locals eat”, The Hannashians recommend. Sensing a theme? It’s all about local experiences and since we live in a golden age of sharing food pics, Instagram is the place to be. Just scroll until you see a food pic, click it and suss out where it is.

Fall down a YouTube hole

Head to YouTube and watch vlogs by people in that area or people who are visiting it. Why is this so good? The Hannashians explain: “usually food vloggers, or people who are bothered to food vlog, are usually very much like us and they like to eat like locals, which is what we do too.” This means someone has done the leg work for you and loved their foodie experience enough to share it. Simple!


Browsing hashtags on Instagram is a bit more work but can reap amazing rewards. The Hannashians recommend keeping it simple and searching for the name of the city plus food, e.g. #seoulfood #guangzhoufood #newyorkfood etc. You’ll start to get a good idea of what’s popular and unmissable in each destination pretty quickly.