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The Case for a Nearcation

A white van nearcation at sunset.

Some summer vacations may feel stagnant, uninteresting, or non-adventurous. You may find yourself working a part-time job, taking summer classes, and feeling like you’re never going to set foot off American soil because you’ve got obligations. Maybe your friends are jet-setting around the world, and you’re feeling tethered.

But who says you have to venture far to be on vacation?

Today’s the day to change that. There are so many amazing adventures to have just in North America (USA, Mexico, Canada), and we’re here to shed some light on the best nearcation opportunities for you. Check out these 5 great sights that you’ll see on a Contiki that are only a quick plane ride away.

The Grand Canyon (Arizona)

Nearcation, Grand Canyon

The Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)

Take a nearcation to visit the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

New Orleans French Quarter (Louisiana)

mardi gras french quarter

Niagara Falls (New York/Canada sides)


Banff (Alberta, Canada)

A serene nearcation spot showcasing a stunning mountain reflected in a tranquil lake.