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The Far Woods creates artwork with one major difference – it’s completely sustainable


*six-two 35 under 35 changemaker of 2018 – zero waste category

Are you a sinner of hoarding more clothes then your wardrobe can contain? With high street shops, ever changing trends and irresistible deals, we’re part of a disposable throw-away culture where textile waste is on the up and recycling and reusing just isn’t in our vocab.

In a bid to be mindful of the world’s resources and do their part for the plant, the Montenegro sisters are 2 women using their creativity and passion in a positive way.

So, who are these lovely ladies and what’s the ‘art house’ all about?

Sonya and Nina Montenegro are two sisters from Portland, Oregon behind The Far Wood initiative. Based on a small organic farm outside of Portland, their mission is simple – to help extend the lives of textiles.

Their creations range from posters to journals and stuffed animals which can be brought on Etsy. But The Far Woods is not just a business helping reduce textile waste, it’s also an educational tool which the sisters use to inspire and inform the community. Teaching handcraft skills, beekeeping, and growing food are also all part of this initiative and the Montenegro sisters’ way to help create a more ecologically-viable and socially-just future.

Sonya and Nina repair, reuse and optimise their artistic skills as an inspirational way to inform and encourage their followers to be part of the bigger picture. And with 11.8k followers @thefarwoods it looks like this creative and fun way of educating and inspiring is going down a treat. Given all this, it’s little surprise the girls were nominated by Celia Ristow, our zero waste judge, as one of our 35 under 35 changemakers of 2018.

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