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The Hoppiest Places To Go in Europe (For Beer)

Beers of Europe displayed in a dimly lit room.

To beer or not to beer… is that even a question? From beer halls and gardens to breweries, here are the places that will have you singing “because I’m hoppyyyy”…

Beer Halls & Gardens

Hofbrauhaus- Munich, Germany

Only three types of beer are served: dark, light, and white. To mix things up, order a shandy (they’ll mix your beer with lemonade).

Letna Beer Garden- Prague, Czech Republic

This place is all about the view. Be sure to be there during the day to take full advantage of it.

Cafe Sound Garden- Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re looking to drink, this place will be cheaper than most places you’ll find and has vibes that guarantee a good time (if not, head to a local coffee shop and perk up ;))

Augustiner Brau Kloster Mulln- Salzburg, Austria

This beer garden will have you singing “oh, a beer, a really good beer. Under rays, drops of golden sun” (you’re supposed to sing that in the style of the Sound of Music).

beer in europe - image of beer


Guinness Factory- Dublin, Ireland

Tip: You get to choose between pouring your own Guinness or having one up at their Gravity Bar (overlooking the city); opt to pour your own and then you can buy an additional one at the Gravity Bar.

Heineken Brewery- Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tip: The line can get long! Buy your tickets online to skip it, so you have enough time for the Brew U ride (you get to feel what it’s like to become a beer, unfortunately it’s not by drinking so much that you truly believe you are one)

Stella Artois Brewery- Leuven, Belgium

Tip: Check the Beer Tour instead of the Classic Tour, which is lengthier and truly made for beer lovers.

Carlsberg Brewery- Copehagen, Denmark

Tip: This tour is self-guided, so don’t miss the Bottle Collection (it’s cooler than a bunch of old bottles). You get to taste a beer brewed on their oldest recipe.

Weihenstephan Brewery, Freising, Germany

Tip: When you’re at the oldest brewery in the world, don’t skimp. Pay the few extra dollars and be sure to get the guided tour with tastings- pretzel and souvenir glass included.

Strahov Monastic Brewery- Prague, Czech Republic

Tip: This one doesn’t have a tour, but it’s still a brewery you can’t miss. Try the Hef, rumored to be the best in all of the Czech Republic.

beer in europe - image of pint of beer