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The Journey Begins to Lima

A Lima cliff overlooking a city and ocean.

Check out my first person account for a first-time traveler to South America. The trip to Peru begins…

I’ve arrived safely in Peru, bright and early at 7:50 a.m. Peruvian time after an 8.5 hour flight on LAN Airlines out of Los Angeles International Airport.  It’s my first time flying with LAN and it was a pretty easy-going experience.  The staff handed out headphones and sleeping masks & earbuds in addition to the usual pillow and blanket combination that we’re all so used to on long-haul flights.  Considering that I wasn’t really planning on staying awake during my flight, these were really nice amenities.

I usually carry an arsenal of entertainment tools with me in my carry-on (which today, was merely my trusty REI backpack), but LAN had this remote-controlled system that had dozens of movie options, and you could even control your reading light from this thing!  You can also see my Nook (e-book reader) peeking out on the side of the photo, wanting some attention.

Two feature films and an ill-fated attempt at sleeping later (you’ll experience the dinner and breakfast wake-up calls), the captain announced that we were beginning our descent into Lima, Peru.  I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and opened up the window to this amazing view, coasting through an ocean of clouds.

There’s always something so exciting about making that final descent, filling out your customs paperwork and that countdown to landing.  We touched down in Peru and people flooded out of the plane with their destinations in mind.  My destination was to grab my luggage, take a taxi cab ride, and begin this South America adventure!

Stay tuned for more posts about South America!  Until next time!