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The travel selfie game is about to be changed forever with this new camera

google clips camera

Hands up who else loves a travel selfie? I’m not ashamed about my love for whipping out the phone and capturing a photo of myself in front of an animal or monument. Someone’s gotta do it, especially if you’re travelling solo! Now thanks to Google, your selfie game can be taken to the next level with their arguably best travel camera, the Google Clips.

Google Clips is a tiny, portable camera that allows you to throw your selfie stick in the bin as you can clip it or prop it up where you want and it will use machine learning to capture the moment automatically. “Automatically?!”, you ask? Yep. It’s designed to be a totally hands free experience, meaning you never need to ask another person for an awkward photo while travelling again, because it will see you and take the shot (or shots rather) without you pressing a button. Over time it will learn to recognise your face and will be able to even pick you out of a crowd!

“We’ve put machine learning capabilities directly into Clips so when you turn it on, the camera looks for good moments to capture. Clips looks for stable, clear shots of people you know. You can help the camera learn who is important to you so when grandma comes in town, you’ll capture the grand entrance,” explains Juston Payne, Google Clips Product Manager.

The camera has a wide lens and pairs up with your phone or laptop the same as a GoPro does, meaning you can download and post your happy snaps straight away. It’s cute and simple, and while it doesn’t record sound for videos, it’s perfect for selfie lovers who want that #candid shot. Honestly, it looks amazing for travellers. Check it out…

If this all tickles your fancy, just know it’s even better than this! Tech gurus got the chance to play and test the camera and updates and improvements are always happening based on feedback. Google is great like that.

There’s still no official date on when the Google Clips will be available in Australia, but for the USA and UK you can get snapping!