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#TheWeekendVenture is your next Instagram obsession

A person adventuring down an empty road with mountains in the background. #theweekendventure

The following photos are just a few of the multiple amazing moments that have been captured from my adventure series called The Weekend Venture.

I created The Weekend Venture initially as a personal project, intended to force myself to get out and explore my own city and live life to the fullest. But over the past few months this series has become an integral part of my life and I’ve loved sharing every minute of it with my audience.

And now, as this series continues to grow, I’d like to see this concept grow into a worldwide community of adventure lovers who just don’t have the time (or money) to do it full time! I know that most people are really busy during the week with work, school, and studies, but the question is: what are you doing on your weekends and in your free time? Instead of scrolling through your Instagram or YouTube feed wishing you could be more like Ben Brown, Louis Cole or Casey Neistat, why not just go out and do it for yourself? Do what they are doing – just start! And live #theweekendventure…

A panoramic view of the ocean from a mountain peak.
A woman admiring the city and ocean from a mountaintop.
A cloud-covered mountain.
A person adventuring down an empty road with mountains in the background. #theweekendventure
A woman exploring #theweekendventure.
A woman #theweekendventure on a cliff overlooking a body of water.
A person on top of a bridge during #theweekendventure.
An adventurer standing on top of a cliff overlooking the vast ocean.
A man exploring a dirt path in the woods for #theweekendventure.
A forest adventure involving a dirt road.

Have you started a travel project or are part of a community intended to help others get out and explore? Or maybe you’re a weekend adventurer and have some sweet tips to share? Send us your stories, and you could see your content published right here on six-two. Did we also mention any articles that do get published go into the running to earn travel with Contiki? Find out all about our community program here