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These ‘then and now’ images of your favourite cities will utterly amaze you

Aerial shot of Sydney Opera House construction

Knowing the history of a city is one thing, but seeing it as it was ‘back in the day’ is something else entirely. These photographers have tracked down archived snaps of their cities and hit the streets to recreate the same forgotten landscapes in the modern age, to incredible results…

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a relatively young city when compared to European cities, but in the last couple hundred years Australia’s biggest city has done A LOT of growing.

Budapest, Hungary

The capital city of Hungary has a long history. Overlooking the Danube river, it’s seen Celts, Romans, Mongals and two World Wars. But Budapest is healed and thriving as a trendy metropolis.

London, England

In old London town history is evident everywhere, but long gone are the horse and carts (sadly!)…

New York, United States of America

Start spreading the news… New York was once a port! You would never know to look at it now with the skyscrapers and fabulous boutiques that the Big Apple was once an industrial hub.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto’s rich history is a must-see when heading to Canada. Making way for new architecture, seeing the old buildings that once stood proudly on the streets and their replacements will tell you a visual story no book ever could.

Oslo, Norway

Norway‘s capital has always been known for it’s public gardens, and while that hasn’t changed, the infrastructure around the city certainly has…


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