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The best things to do in Cairo for your first time visit

travelers relaxing on the beach in Sharm El-Sheikh

Egypt is a pretty special place. It’s so different from anywhere I’ve ever been to before. I visited last year to do the Egypt & the Nile Contiki tour, but decided I wanted to arrive a day early before my tour started to explore more of Cairo. Here are some of the most amazing ways to explore and experience the city’s culture beyond the Pyramids…

1. Visit the Mosque of Muhammad Ali

There are mosques all around Cairo, but there’s nothing like the Muhammad Ali Mosque. It’s the largest mosque in Cairo and you can see it from afar. The beautiful architecture and interior will make you appreciate the culture in Egypt even more

2. Walk around the Al-Nasir Muhammad Mosque

Next to the Muhammad Ali Mosque, is another beautiful mosque called Al-Nasir Muhammad Mosque inside the Saladin Citadel of Cairo. It’s less crowded and you can get your Insta-worthy photos here.

3. Go shopping with the locals

Go shopping around Khan el-Khalili for local souvenirs like statues, local outfits, Egyptian cotton scarfs and even some amazing lanterns you can take home and bring back to your family and friends. You can even haggle your way to a better price, so you can get a bargain for your shopping.

4. Buy some local spices

Spend half a day going around the bazaars – there are so many brightly coloured and delicious smelling spices available around Cairo. Take home some of the local delicacies and cook up some of your favourite dishes at home with these freshly packed spices.

Spices in Cairo

5. Visit the Museum of Islamic Art

On the edge of Cairo, this museum has one of the world’s best collections of Islamic art. The museum is home to 80,000 objects and there’s everything from architectural wonders to ceramics, stunning carpets to ancient artworks and even headstones.

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