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5 best things to do in Sydney

Things to do in Sydney - picture of the Sydney Opera House at night

There are many cities in the world, some rubbish, some OK, some great and some totally amazing. And then there’s Sydney. Imagine if you will the perfect mix of cosmopolitan cool, buzzing nightlife and gastronomic amazingness, plus a handful of the world’s best beaches thrown in on top. That’s Sydney.

If you’ve visited the city, you’ll know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, our advice to you would be to save your pennies, hibernate for the next six months and then jump on the next available flight, Sydney bound. From gorgeous farmers markets and stunning coastal walks to unique pop up restaurants and all night sweaty warehouse raves, Sydney has something for just about everyone. Here are 5 best things to do in Sydney:

1. Catch a Wave at Bondi Beach

Bondi is arguably Australia’s most famous beach, and for good reason. Located 7km east of Sydney CDB, its fine white sand stretches for nearly 1 kilometre around the clear turquoise sea. Surfers and families tend to congregate around the southern end of the beach, whilst north Bondi and the grassy knoll are strictly reserved for the hordes of cool kids and beach bums. Grab a board from one of the surf shops opposite the beach, or just kick back and watch the pros (and the Bondi Rescue surf lifesavers) in action.

Things to do in Sydney - image of Bondi Beach

2. Have a Drink at Opera Bar

Boasting the most enviable position in Sydney, Opera bar is located on the lower concourse level of the Sydney Opera House and offers the most SPECTACULAR views of the harbour bridge. Having a drink here is a real pinch yourself moment – order a cool glass of prosecco and some tasty food and then chill out and relax as you watch the ferries passing through the harbour. Best visited at dusk to truly appreciate the amazing colours of the bridge and harbour.

Things to do in Sydney - image of Opera Bar at night

3. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you’re looking for the ultimate Sydney experience, you HAVE to do a bridge climb. Don an attractive blue shell suit, buckle up and begin your ascent on one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks – once you reach the top you’ll be rewarded with hands down the best view of the city. To make it even more memorable, choose a sunrise or sunset climb and watch the sun as it rises or falls over the city.

Things to do in Sydney - image of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

4. Take the Ferry to Manly

Another iconic experience that allows you to see Sydney from a different angle – seaborne! Jump on the ferry from the terminal at Circular Quay and enjoy the 7 mile 30 minute trip taking in all of Sydney’s finest (don’t forget to keep an eye out for whales during migration season, June to November). Once in Manly there’s heaps to do – hang out on the beach, hire a surfboard, do a winery tour or just chomp on fish and chips.

Things to do in Sydney - image of the Sydney ferry crossing the water to Manly

5. Eat Your Heart Out

Sydney is a total haven for food lovers with amazing options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, elevenses, afternoon tea…pretty much every eating occasion you can imagine. Start your foodie day at Bills in Darlinghurst with a full Aussie breakfast or scrambled egg on sourdough. Make a cheeky but fully indulgent pit stop at Messina’s in Surry Hills (no arguments, the best ice cream in Sydney, maybe even the world – big words we know) before taking a leisurely stroll through Centennial Park to work it all off. Jump on the bus and make your way over to Bondi, go for a swim or surf and then pay a visit to Moo Burger (no description necessary). Head home, doll up and go out to Tapa Vino at The Rocks for dinner – tasty tapas and moreish wine guaranteed. Go home, lie on the bed and groan. Satisfaction levels at 100%.

Things to do in Sydney - close up image of Messina ice cream