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11 best things to do in the UK when you’re in your 20’s

Two women holding signs at a flea market in the UK.

Great Britain has a long, rich history – but is learning about past kings and queens always the most fun thing to do? Maybe for an hour a day. The rest of the time you want to have fun of course! We’ve rounded up the best things to do in the UK to give you a hit list for your next trip.

1. Get Knighted at Warwick Castle

Between jousting battles, archery displays and a replica trebuchet, you’ll feel like you’re about to step into battle at Warwick Castle. This is loads of fun for the nerd in all of us AND covers off the whole ‘earning some history thing’. What better way to see how a medieval castle works than to step inside and live and breathe it? Disclaimer: you will not ~actually~ be knighted (you have to do way more than just show up at the Castle), but it’s close enough.

2. Whizz down the Orbital Slide

London’s ArcelorMittal Orbit slide is the world’s longest tunnel slide! Naturally that makes it a must do. At 178m long, you’ll fill your lungs with air for a scream as you zoom around the iconic structure in 12 circles before a 50m straight path. Who is up for round two?

3. Join Flight Club

I am an unashamed darts fan. Darts are cool, and darts are a good group activity that goes well with a beer. Flight Club in London’s Shoreditch is probably the coolest place to play darts though. Part bar, part restaurant and part darts hall, you won’t find any daggy dart playing here, it’s very ~now~ with electronic dartboards.

4. Play rooftop football

What’s Manchester’s biggest passion? Yep, football. Right next door to Manchester United’s home field, Old Trafford, you’ll find Hotel Football, which is an OTT football themed hotel that has a giant football pitch on their rooftop where you can play a game with your friends while watching the sunset. If you can’t make it into the team, this is the next best thing.

5. Floating Hot Tub Fun

The British celebrate summer in a way those of us from warm countries might find intimidating. But because of their love of the sun, they have the BEST summer activities. Take for example the floating hot tubs, AKA HotTug, down the River Thames in London. You literally grab a crew, some brews and chill in your private 38 degree hot tub while watching the sights go by. DREAM SCENARIO.

6. Dance at a ceilidh (and learn how to pronounce it)

Know who knows how to party? Scottish people. Their traditional social events are known as ceilidhs (say it like kay-lee) and they are wild with whirling dances, kilts (don’t whirl too hard), folk music, storytelling, drinking and feasting. You don’t have to be part of a clan to attend, just head to Ghillie Dhu in Edinburgh and join a pre-planned ceilidh. Totally one of the best things to do in the UK.

7. Get crafty with beer

London may be synonymous with gin, but lordy do they do a good craft beer! No one will tell you this, so discover it for yourself by hitting up #CraftEast and seeing East London’s beer wares with Yardarm Tours. It’s hipster AF, sure, but it’s one of the best days out for anyone who wants to see a new side to London (like MTV’s Emily St John ???? ).

8. Stand up paddleboard around Bristol’s Harbourside

If you’re a SUP (stand up paddleboard) fan, you will love this. If you’re not, you’ll also love this. That’s how good it is. It’s fun, you get to see good views of Bristol and it’s the ideal spot for beginners thanks to the calm water. Plus you’ll be the only person you know who can say they went stand up paddleboarding in Great Britain!

9. Test your serve at a ping-pong bar

Bounce ping pong bars in London are a laugh a minute (especially if you can’t play like me). Just like the darts bar, ping pong has been reimagined in a modern setting, so you can have bespoke cocktails while you bat the ball back and forth in a trendy bar. The best part? The have theme nights! From 80s to Disco, you will be able to dance and play the night away.

10. Trampoline in a giant underground cave

Not to be confused with the above ping pong bar, Zip World Bounce Below is a mind blowing trampoline park that is actually underground in an ancient slate mine. Located in North Wales, you can go from level to level, bouncing and sliding in the enormous caves. There’s literally nothing else like it.

11. Go on a ghost walk in York

Scaring yourself silly is fun according to some people (not me but I am willing to concede to the masses), and most of the UK seems to be heavily haunted. York is pretty famous for it and has a plethora of creepy folklore and palm-sweating legends. Walk around town, at night of course, and prepare to be terrified. Trust us – it may not sound like it, but this is absolutely one of the best thing to do in the UK while you’re in your 20’s.

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