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5 things I wish someone had told me before moving to Australia


Moving to a different country is exciting, nerve wrecking, courageous and scary all at the same time. Let’s be honest, it’s a challenge to leave everything you know behind to immerse yourself in a foreign culture.

I’m an American currently living in Melbourne and as much as I love surprises and learning things on my own, here are the tips I wish I knew before moving to Australia. Righto!

Use Facebook Groups To Help Find Work

Facebook is a super easy tool to use if you’re having a hard time finding work in Australia. For example, if you’re living in Melbourne and want to be an Au Pair, just type in the Facebook search bar “au pairs in Melbourne” and you’ll find a few groups that post babysitting and nanny jobs in the area. If you don’t know what you want to do for work, you can be super broad and search “job board Melbourne” to find a job that you’re interested in. You can use this tip for most cities throughout Australia. Remember to update your resume!

Pay for petrol after you pump

I’ll never forget the first time I filled my car with a tank of gas in Australia. I searched the pump far and wide to figure out where to insert my credit card so I could fill my car with petrol. I must have looked like an idiot. I finally went to the service station cashier to ask for help, and she said, “Mate, you need to pump the gas first.” You should have seen the look on my face. Lesson learned: pump petrol then pay.


If You’re American, Try To Learn Kilometers, Kilograms And Celsius

I’ll never understand why every country doesn’t use the same metric system because this has been an annoying struggle for me (as an American) since moving to Australia. Basically, Google is my BFF when it comes to converting this stuff. But most of the time I wish I knew it all beforehand.

You Won’t Get An Aussie Accent, But You Will Pick Up Heaps Of Slang

Sorry to break it to ya, but you most likely won’t pick up a beautiful Australian accent if you move here. Ugh. But you will pick up a bunch of words that’ll make your friends at home think you’re Australian (or weird, whatever). Mate, put your togs on and we’ll get a slush puppy at the beach!

Australians Are Very Trustworthy, Generous And Fearless People

I always knew Aussies were cool, but it took moving here to realize that they’re total legends. They’re always willing to help, which makes your life as a foreigner so much easier. Find yourself a few Aussie mates because they’ll show you a great time in their country!

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