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To Birthday Suit or Bathing Suit? Top 5 Nude Beaches in Europe

woman in bathing suit

You know what they say about when in Rome? Well we couldn’t agree more when it comes to the common nude beach conundrum – To birthday suit or bathing suit? As long as you’re comfortable and brave enough to show off what your momma gave ya, then we say flaunt it! You’ll cross an awesomely authentic European experience from your bucket list while saying goodbye to pesky tan lines.

Just for full disclosure, we don’t want to crush your dreams of Greek god-like men and undiscovered Victoria’s Secret supermodels everywhere, but nude beaches are frequented by people of all shapes and sizes. It’s common for women to go topless on most beaches in Europe, but you should also prepare yourself for 60-year-old women wearing g-strings. Now that you know everyone wants to avoid tan lines, check out these Top 5 Nude Beaches in Europe.

1. Filaki Beach, Crete, Greece

Beach chairs, umbrellas, snack bar, and snorkeling make this one of the top nude beaches in Greece. Not as much of a party scene as places like Paradise Beach in Mykonos, but this one you’ll feel more comfortable baring it all, because it’s more common here.

Kordovan Beach, Jerolim, Croatia

This island is touted as being one of the world’s best nudist destinations, but if you’re a little gun shy, you can go to a more secluded area that isn’t as overrun with tourists. Pine trees and pebbles give this beach the au natural feel that you won’t get anywhere else.

Es Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain

The first section of this beach is known to be frequented by celebrities who enjoy some of the restaurants. Once you’ve had your star-fix, head to the middle section for the main nudist area, or you can continue on down to the far end of the beach for an active gay scene with a great beach restaurant.

Cap d’Agde – Cap d’Agde, France

You aren’t just getting a nudist beach here, you’re getting a nudist town! In the naturalist quarter of the town, there are shops, restaurants, nightclubs, and bars which you can walk around without clothes. No fear of getting pickpocketed as you won’t be wearing any (pockets)!

Spiaggia di Guvano, Cinque Terre

This nude beach requires a trek through a dark tunnel that then opens up to an oasis of trees and gravel path.Walk right on through to reap the reward of a cove that will greet you with warm Mediterranean waters and naked locals.