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Tourist in your own town: how to do a staycation the right way


There’s nothing better than the feeling of utter relaxation when in a distant destination unreachable by mundane reality. I often feel the urge to escape and be a part of an adventure to learn new things about the world and myself, a feeling always fulfilled through travel.

But, sadly, some of us simply don’t have the time to travel constantly. So here’s how to emulate vacation vibes and be a tourist in your own town:

Learn to play the tourist in your own city

Venture out with open eyes and an open mind, and prepare to view the familiar sights from a fresh perspective as if it was your first time seeing them. Admire the vastness of its beauty, learn its history and heritage, and acknowledge the diversity of people passing by, each with their own place in the world and story to tell. And if you really feel the urge to escape your regular routine and crave a new environment, book yourself a night or two in a local hotel. We all know one of the best parts of a holiday to leave you feeling rejuvenated is binge-watching random tv programmes from your hotel bed, and treating yourself to a room service breakfast in bed.

Take the road less travelled

Move through your city by a different route as per usual. Ditch your car and take the bus to see the local sights or take a stroll via a new path, you’ll be surprised what beauty and details you’ve overlooked while driving. Small shifts in your everyday routine can also widen your window for adventure. Make your daily agenda touristy by trying out a new restaurant, taking the scenic route home from work, or switching up your exercise routine to some new scenery.



Switch off, mentally and digitally

Instead of actually having no mobile data like on an overseas holiday, just switch your phone off, unplug and unwind. Being constantly surrounded by our digital devices induces so much stress and anxiety for having to stay constantly updated and focusing on everyone else’s lives but your own. Use this staycation to be present in the moment, and even take time to dig into a new book, just like you would on the plane ride to your holiday.

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