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How does travel change you? 3000 millennials will tell you


‘Travel makes better humans’ – it’s a big claim we know. But it’s also something we know to be true. Why? Because every single year, on every trip Contiki runs, we get the pleasure of bearing witness to this change happening within people.

We get to see the shy introverts emerge from their shells. We get to see the people who have never left home before taking their first steps on European soil, tasting their first mussel fresh from the sea, or seeing snow for the very first time.

We see these stories on the road constantly, but we want to go one step further than that – we want to prove the power travel can have on your life.


How? By interviewing 3000 18-35 years olds just like you, asking them how travel has impacted various aspects of their life. Want to know the results? These were some of the key takeaways:

#1 – Travel creates a sense of belief in yourself and what you can achieve

The numbers:

The takeaway:

Travel increases self-confidence, both in yourself as a person and what you are capable of achieving.

Travel forces you out of your shell and encourages you to do things you wouldn’t have imagined of yourself. Those who travel are more likely to set (and achieve) ambitious goals for themselves, be they personal or professional, and are also hungry to become more rounded human beings.


#2 – Travel helps our problem solving skills and willingness to take on new challenges

The numbers:

The takeaway:

Travel can sometimes put you in tricky situations. You might get lost, lose your phone or luggage, or not know how to communicate in the local language. What do these experiences teach you? They teach you not to panic, to keep your cool and find a logical solution.


#3 – Travel creates stronger connections to others

The numbers:

The takeaway:

Travel takes you out of your comfort zone, away from the safety blanket of the friends you’ve had for years, and puts you out into the wild. You have two choices – make friends, or be lonely. And guess what? You make friends. Why? Because you already have one huge thing in common with all these strangers around you – you’re all away from home, in a new environment, equal parts excited and nervous. And guess what else? Being away from home actually makes you appreciate those at home even more, so really it’s win win.


#4 – Travel creates a powerful sense of citizenship

The numbers:

The takeaway:

Basically, travel makes you give a shit. Exploring outside of your own country, you see first-hand the social inequality and injustice other countries struggle with, making you more incited to fix the issues in your own country.

You discover that you can make a difference, that your actions do count, and you feel a stronger sense of identity for your homeland.