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9 travel choices that are so divisive they verge on break up territory


Some say GIF with a G, and some say it with a J. One way is confirmed as correct (we’ll let you Goggle which one) but the chaos that ensues when you try to explain it to someone who thinks differently is INTENSE. And just like language, there are certain ways of travelling that divide people so much that it can lead to break ups (friendship or otherwise!). Which are you for the following…?

Getting to the airport with 3 hours to spare
Getting through security just as you start boarding

Unpack six months after getting home
Unpack in your hotel, even for just one night

Set a strict budget and track it daily
Wing it and a bring a spare credit card

Plan your entire trip before you leave
Wake up each morning and figure out what to do day by day

Pay for the seat on the plane you want
Hope for the best

Pre-book all your airport transfers
Figure out the local public transport

Having a well-deserved sleep in on some days
Getting up early every day of your trip to pack it all in

Bring every gadget, port and plug you might need
Forgetting to even bring your phone charger

Trying whatever the locals eat
Sticking to what you know and love

So you see, we all travel differently. You get that, we get that, and Contiki also get that, so much so that they 8 completely unique ways of travelling the world. See it all, travel local, lie horizontal on the world’s best beaches or ski till you can ski no more, and that’s not even all of them. Want to find out more? Head here for options and sweet, sweet deals.