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Travel essentials for a summer in Greece


Can Greece possibly get any prettier? Although you may be tempted to jump on a plane with nothing more than a passport and a smile, there are some things you can bring to maximize the already epic Greece experience.

Even if you decide to pack super light, don’t forget these 12 necessary things for your Greece holiday package:

Oia, Greece

Whitewashed fashion so you’ll stand out against the beautiful Greek blues

Greece fashion

Plenty of cash for souvenirs, food and fun


Beach towel – say no to sandy bum


Your camera for those stunning shots (A polarizing filter will make the colours truer and cut through the glare on the water)



Towel and sunscreen

Multiple swimsuits

Bathing suit and sunglasses

Comfy and stylish shoes to walk in all day and party in all night


Cards or table games to keep you entertained on the ferry rides

Board game

Water toys like a Frisbee or floatie

Greece water fun

A pair or two of sunglasses


Waterproof case for your camera or phone (surf and sand can do a number on your electronics)

Waterproof case

A good pair of thongs or flip-flops

Beach flip flops