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Stars on the rise: 6 travel filmmakers to watch

man walking with camera in garden

Nothing gets our travel toes tingling quite like watching some dreamy travel porn videos.

From jaw-dropping content to awesome editing skills, these are just a few of the new kids on the block inspiring us to turn our travel fantasies into absolute must realities…

Mike Zwijgers

Mike bought his first backpack two years ago and travelled to Thailand where a whole new world of opportunities were realised. The feeling of complete freedom and liberation that consumed him was unexplainable, and the memories and experiences from that trip were so rich.

However, he was unable to convey this to his family and friends on return, so last year when Thailand round 2 arose; Mike decided to try his luck behind the camera. Accompanied by a camera, drone and all the relevant camera accessories, Mike began to get to grips with the creative process before he set off on his travels to Thailand. Helping to curve his creativity and portray his travels, Mike’s content has the ability to capture the essence and ambience of a country in a raw way which is truly mesmerising. In under a year he’s managed to learn, capture, create, edit and inspire. Check out his work here.

Hardik Sadhwani

A writer, poet, photographer, editor and videographer, Hardik channels creativity in many different ways, namely through his cool and quirky travel montages. “I love traveling and I absolutely love shooting. I travel to make video montages for the poems I write. But travel montages stimulate me on a greater level”, he says when speaking about his recent documentation from Australia. Hardik ‘s work shows a unique stylistic take on travel videography.



Jayden Cubit

Another Asia advocate, Jayden documents his travels around the likes of Thailand and Japan as well as creating content in New Zealand and his home country, Australia. Filmmaking all began for Jayden when he started to create personal videos of himself ziplining (his primary job), which then enabled him to start playing around with editing programmes, GoPro footage etc, creating content for his ziplining company. It wasn’t long before Jayden was using the camera to convey all his travel destinations had to offer whilst expressing his creative freedom and passions through some beautiful footage.

Check out his work here

David Peng

David has travelled to the likes of Bali and LA to create some straight up travel porn sure to tempt you. The Canadian based filmmaker follows his passion for travel, nature, videography and photography in the hope that it will one day become his 9-5 job.

Check out his work here

Seung woo Hong

Seung is a freelance videographer, currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. Having spent the past couple of years travelling around the globe, documenting his experiences and sharing his stories, Seung has had the opportunity to capture some pretty sweet footage. With a NZ based background, adventure is an intrinsic part of Seung’s personalty, making travel and videography the perfect combination. His work is versatile, unique, emotive and incredibly engaging.

Check out his work here.

Nikko Hunt

At just 19, Nikko may be young but he sure does have talent! The environmental enthusiast creates short films to project his strong passions for nature and travel whilst pursuing his mission to bring awareness to environmental issues through his videos. His most recent video in Myanmar Monsoon, depicts a trip about locals and society. Going off the beaten track of the average travel porn content, the piece is authentic, engaging and shows a whole new perspective and way of life which travelling has the ability to facilitate.

Check out Nikko’s work here.

Reckon you’ve got some killer travel filmmaker content? Share your tips and travel stories by submitting your work to us here and you could be featured on six-two.