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4 ways that your travel friends will become your best friends

group of friends at the beach

Whether you’re travelling solo or with people you already know, who you’re with will make your journey. Here’s why the friends you meet on your travels will end up being your friends for life.

You’ll have things in common

Meeting people abroad will likely mean you’ve got a lot in common. You met in Nepal? You probably love hiking. You met in a remote village in Vietnam? You probably love adventure. You met while volunteering? You probably both are considering teaching, or wildlife conservation, or perhaps you both just wanted to give something back. If nothing else, you’ll share the craving for travel: a sense of wanderlust so strong that you’ve actually left your home country to explore another one.


They’ll be mature

In order to travel (particularly alone) you have to be independent. Through travelling, you learn to be tolerant of other’s beliefs and opinions, and develop a greater respect for your environment. Your fellow travellers will likely be easy going, accepting and approachable. Especially if you’re travelling in a group, there just isn’t time for any judgement or negativity. With travelling friends, there’s less drama, allowing you to be the best versions of yourselves.


You’ll learn each other’s strengths (and weaknesses)

Travelling with somebody is a fast-track route to getting to know each other. Whether it’s a friend from home or somebody you’ve met abroad, you’ll be spending a lot of time together. You’ll learn quickly your companion’s habits, their pet peeves, their terms of phrase. It can be easy when you’re spending so much time with another person to find their worse traits. But you’ll also see their best, and by the end you’ll learn to love them.


You’ll share something incredible

You travelled together. You experienced incredible things that people back home haven’t experienced. You might have done the most amazing things you’ll have ever done in your life, together. Even if you get on each other’s nerves – even if you would never expect yourselves to be friends – you will share that wonderful experience, and it will bind you together.

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