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Travel Hacks: How to make the most out of your ‘suitcase wardrobe’

Image of Emma Lucey travel essentials

We teamed up with Emma Lucey, a travel & style blogger for Spin Dizzy Fall, from Sydney, Australia. She talks about how we can make the most out of our ‘suitcase wardrobes’ to ensure maximum looks, so we’re always looking good. Girls – take note!


Whether it’s winter or summer, a pair of black jeans is a standard must pack item! Make sure they fit and are comfortable! Make sure you love them. With a pair of black jeans you can take on the world. Pair it with T-shirts, blouses and tops – anything goes!


Next is a pair of comfy shorts. Black, denim or khaki are your best bet. They’re versatile and can last longer without a wash (yes, you won’t be washing everything after only one wear when on the road -that’s travelling!). These you can also pair with almost anything.


If it’s winter in Europe you will need a good coat. It will be a similar love affair to your jeans. Again, I suggest black – thick, long sleeves, and one that does up the front. Being warm and cosy can change your whole mood and experience.

Once you have your primary coat you can choose other lighter options (if you have room). I tend to choose a lighter coat to switch up my outfits on those warmer days and just wear layers underneath. Something a print or colour can be fun but again choose wisely and make sure you can wear it with different items to switch up your look. Another clever idea is a light wind breaker or waterproof jacket – you’d be darn lucky to have sunshine every day of your trip so it’s best to be prepared.


Once you have your basics you can mix it up with some accessories – scarves in winter or summer are the best way to mix it up while travelling. They’re also totally multifunctional – you can use them for sleeping on planes or buses or they can be used to cover up when you go into churches, mosques or sacred sites. Different sunglasses can also help to change a whole look! Take your basic favourites.


Now we come to the tricky part. The part that makes me toss and turn each night. Shoes. Footwear choices are very important while travelling. Shoes can be very heavy in your luggage but it’s hard to have just one pair. I like to start with one pair of thongs/flip flops and one pair of walking shoes (closed sneakers). If there’s room, try a pair of nice going out sandals or boots with a small heel (that can also be worn during the day on those more casual days).

Image of Emma Lucey in Lake Lucerne


Try and keep things ordered. Order reduces mess and therefore stress. When things are ordered in your bag you’ll find them easily which means more time for fun (or sleep)! The way to do this is to buy multiple soft cases in the same size that’ll fit in your bag. Fill them with the below:


Written by Emma Lucey, from Spin Dizzy fall for Contiki Holidays. Check out her blog here for more travel inspiration.