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Travel Packing List for Young Professionals


It’s 2015. We rarely unplug from work, even when we go on vacation. We check our emails at 3am when we randomly wake up. We are Millennials. So when you finally manage to pull yourself from work and take a vacation, be sure to include these items for your vacation packing checklist to maximize your vacation time.

External Battery Pack

If you’re an adventurous traveler, chances are you’ll be out of your room all day and exploring. You might not even go back to it before going out for the night. Your external battery pack will be your new best friend to ensure you’re never without your phone to capture those zany travel moments or access Google Maps in times of dire need- like to find a pizza place at 1am in Vietnam.


Whether you’re traveling internationally or on a cruise, you’ll need to charge more than one device (because who can survive solely on their phone these days). You’ll be charging your camera, phone, iPod, iPad, Nook, and who knows what other things! Instead of buying multiple adapters and monopolizing all of the outlets in your room, get an adapter with a standard plug as well as USB ports.

Small Medicine Kit

The only thing worse than wandering through a pharmacy in a non-English speaking country, trying to recognize something that will work for your headache or upset stomach, is finding that the pharmacy is closed (as many places are on Sundays around the world). Save yourself the trouble and bring a small kit of any medicines you might need. Don’t pack entire bottles, just slip a few pills into a case or plastic bag to throw in your toiletry bag, a must for any travel checklists.

Travel Sleep Kit

The crazy thing about traveling is that you have to travel to get to your destinations. Planes, trains, buses, and cars can all be made into your own make-shift sleeping quarters with a travel pillow (inflatable ones are space savers), eye mask (a scarf or bandana is a great thing to bring and can double as an accessory), and ear plugs.

Compact Wallet

You don’t need your checkbook, Nordstrom Credit Card, gym card, AAA card, and every other thing that causes your wallet to double in size. Before you leave, switch out wallets to a compact one that has only what you absolutely need. We recommend one with a small coin pouch.


Never ever leave for a vacation without sunscreen, ever. To avoid having a sunscreen explosion in your bag, go with a handy stick version.

Shoe Bag

Keep your dirty shoes away from your clean clothes! Rather than using plastic bags, invest in a shoe bag that you can wash and reuse. It zips to make sure no dirt will escape into your suitcase.

Refillable Travel Bottles

If hotel shampoos are abhorrent to you, bring your own shampoo. Use refillable travel bottles to have a supply of your needed shampoo, conditioner, and lotions that will only last the duration of your vacation. Bonus point for being eco-friendly.

Inflatable Checked Luggage Wine Bag

Okay, this isn’t a must-pack item for everyone. However, if you’re in Italy and have the best bottle of wine of your life and simply must bring one home, this is your best friend. And it’s even more helpful if you get delayed at the airport- you won’t have to spend a fortune at the airport bar when you have your bottle protected in your wine bag!

Noise-Canceling Headphones

You’d be amazed at how loud some places can be. When you’re taking in a spectacular scene and have a crowd of loud tourists next to you, put your noise-cancelling ear buds in and turn on some music that will enhance the view.