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The travel tech inventions we need to see created right now


It’s the 21st century and we’ve come a long way, but man do we wish these things were real. Invent these 10 brilliant travel tech solutions and we will 100% donate some money to your Kickstarter page. Just please, somebody, anybody, make it happen…

A bottomless bag like Hermione has in the Deathly Hallows

That way we could pack ALL of those cute shoes, beauty products and possible outfits we might need on our trip without the baggage fees and a 100lb suitcase.  PLUS we could bring home all of the huge souvenirs we want – didgeridoos from Australia, assorted beer steins from Germany, alpaca blankets from Peru – the sky’s the limit.

Hermione's bag

Heels that feel like slippers

Yeah, we know, the pricier heels are supposedly comfier, but what heeled shoe in all of existence will allow us to reach our 20k steps a day in Europe whilst still looking super fly? Until then, Birkenstocks it is…


A pill that turns our stomach into a bottomless pit

That way we wouldn’t have to choose only one flavour of gelato, or just one amazing pasta dish. We want to try as many foods as we can on vacation without ever getting full (and we’ll just worry about the calorie count when we get home). On second thought, add in the ability to metabolize the excess calories into nail, hair and eyelash-growing hormones and now you’ve got a wonder-pill!

A woman is eating a plate of food with the caption yummmm.

A hassle-free security scanner

How amazing would it be to leave our jewellery and belts on, keep our hand sanitizer and phones packed in our carry on, and walk through a device that can detect any banned items without the naked scanner part.

Airport Security

An Eyeball Camera

Sometimes that perfect photo op slips away before we can wrestle our smartphone out of our pocket, unlock it and open the camera. We want the opportunity to take a photo in a split second and store as many as we want without frantically deleting apps to free up phone space. Create a way to tap our fingers together, take a photo of whatever we are looking at and store it in the ‘cloud’ and we will love you forever.

A travel tech eye on a yellow background.

A translation choker and earrings

Think of that talking dog collar from ‘Up’, but in cute necklace form that takes what we are saying in English and spits it out in our language of choice. Combine that with fab earrings that translate any words we hear into English before they enter our ears and we could all burn our translation guides and chat it up with every local in sight.

Translation necklace

Melatonin and caffeine drip via Smart Watch

New apps are being created for smart watches every day, but what we really need is a way to go to sleep or get a boost of energy with the touch of a button. That way we can instantly fall asleep on the plane and when our head hits the pillow at night, or dance all night long and sightsee all day on minimal sleep – without having to drink 400 coffees.

Coffee IV

International purchasing via thumbprint

Not just for buying stuff, but also to replace a hotel room key, photo ID for bars, our passport, you name it. We are always nervous about losing our cards/ passport when we travel, and the less we have to carry in our purses/ pockets the better. Our thumbprint should provide all of the personal info we need without the hassle.

Thumbs up

Free global Wi-Fi

How do we make this a real thing? We promise we won’t take advantage of it and play Candy Crush instead of marvelling at the Eiffel Tower, but we would really love to post our photos, read the news, and chat/ Skype with our friends and family anywhere and everywhere. Sharing our travel experiences in real time without the hefty roaming bill shouldn’t be too much to ask for, right?

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Super sonic flight or teleportation

Whichever is easier – Just get us from one airport to another crazy fast. Less time flying, and more time on vacation please!


Have you got any incredible travel tech ideas you’d love to see created? Let us know in the comments…