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5 Fun Ways to Display Your Travels


There are so many different ways that you can commemorate your travels once you return. With the rise of Pinterest and an interest in “Do It Yourself” projects, we’ve been scouring the internet for all sorts of fun and creative ways to bring a piece of our travels home.

We rounded up some of our favorite ways to make the souvenirs of your travels into works of art to display in your home. Check it out and share your own!

Shadow Box Collages

Do you keep every single ticket stub, brochure, and pamphlet you come across in your travels?  A great way to share your travel experience with your friends and family is to create a collage in a shadow box.  Instead of hiding your travels in a scrapbook, put them on display for all to see!

Vacation Souvenir Jars

A much smaller way to showcase specific items you have picked up from a destination – especially great for beach destinations.  Label the jars with the date and location of the items and start a collection!  Fill with with keychain charms, sand, or whatever your heart desires!

T-Shirt Rag Quilt Pillow

The fun people over at Fiskars (yes, the scissors brand!) have great DIY projects that can help you commemorate all those fun and funky t-shirts you’ve been collecting.  Turn them into a fun pillow and incorporate it into your decor at home!

Glass Paperweights

An alternative to the shadow box is to take ticket stubs or souvenir maps and create them into glass paperweights so you’ll not only showcase your many travels but you’ll also have a functional piece for your office!

Map Ornaments

A Diamond In the Stuff” blogger Courtney came up with this wonderfully creative Map Ball Ornament using maps of places she’s traveled too.  What a perfect way to capture your year of travels than by being reminded during the holidays!  You can check out her blog and see other DIY projects as well!