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Collective Photo Sharing

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When you travel with Contiki, you’re making new friends from around the world – and chances are, you’ll be making guest appearances in many of their photos (and vice versa for them in yours!) How do you get your hands on these memorable moments? Here’s a few tips on ways to make sure that you have a snapshot from the perspective of your favorite travelers in this travel hack for collective photo sharing.

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Create a Unique Hashtag

Weddings, special events, Contiki trips – these days it is all the rage to have your own unique hashtag.  Create one with your travel mates and be sure to use them when you tagging on Instagram (or even Facebook) so that you can easily find and collect all the pics that your friends might have posted of you.  No longer does your photo collection only include landscapes and selfies!

DropBox Your Pics

A free service, Dropbox can be accessed via your phone, your computer browser, or you can download it to your tablet and access your files. Email the files via Dropbox and boom! Your new friends will all have access to all the snaps that you’ve taken on your life-changing adventure.

Add to Your Facebook Group

Many of you start Facebook groups specifically for your tour departure. Don’t forget to share your photos on Facebook and then link them through to Contiki! We love seeing your photos and sharing in your experiences. Also – you can always share your photos here on the blog. Write us a blog post and let us know what you thought of your trip!

Use the site If This, Then That! (IFTTT)

Have you heard of “If This, Then That?”  This is a great tool that makes the internet do all the work so you don’t have to manually collect everything.  It’s a free website online that lets you create “recipes” and trigger actions across your social media channels or online.  For example, you can set up a recipe that states anyone who uses your unique hashtag will have a copy automatically transferred to your Dropbox!  Sounds amazing, right?  You can set up so many different recipes an you’ll get your hands on all the photos!