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Cutting Everyday Costs

        A pile of coupons, cutting everyday costs, on a table.

We can’t get Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” out of our heads and it got us thinking – how can we pop some tags or take advantage of deals so we can save some money for our upcoming travels?

One of the biggest roadblocks that people face when they travel is getting enough funds to go. So, what better way than to navigate the web to find you the best deals or find ways to cut costs at home? Check out ways you can save on (and for!) your next Contiki.


Sunday morning newspapers aren’t the only places to find amazing coupons and deals.  Sites like Coupon Divas, Slick Deals, and other deal sites like RetailMeNot can provide you with coupons on some of your favorite items (like that Venti triple shot white mocha with extra whipped cream that you love to splurge on!)/. A little extra effort to find some coupons for everything from grocery shopping, coffee, gifts, etc. could result in some big savings for you in the long run – and you’ll be well on your way to a Contiki before you know it!

Closet Swapping

It’s tempting to want to buy a brand new wardrobe as the season’s change – but you need to have some place to go before you run out and buy all new clothes!  Try doing a closet swap with your friends where you and your like-minded friends can shop each other’s closets and mix and match wardrobe pieces without shelling out any extra cash.  Your wallet will thank you – and you’ll have some extra cash to bring back a fashionable souvenir when you are abroad!

Take Advantage of Group Discounts

Anytime you can get a group of people together, you should inquire about a group discount.  Whether you’re going to a Broadway show or buying movie tickets in bulk, getting a group discount means everybody saves across the board on an activity that you would have been willing to pay full price for anyway!  Better yet?  Contiki has group discounts as well, so round up your entourage and take off for your next destination!

Subscribing to Newsletters for Top Offers

As always, signing up for Contiki Newsletter is one of the best places to find out first about our top travel offers.  However, you can also subscribe to other newsletters that can provide you with fantastic travel tips and tricks to help you cut costs and save.  For example, friend of Contiki Johnny Jet has a great newsletter that features travel contests, airfare deals, and other cool offers as well.  Don’t forget – subscribing to Contiki’s blog is also a great way to find out what’s happening in Contiki’s world!