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Travel Tech: Keep Your Data Safe

iphone keep your data safe

When you’re traveling internationally and posting your travels publicly, make sure you’re protecting yourself and maintaining your privacy. Follow these handy tips so you’ll never have to worry about someone hacking your Facebook status (or – all kidding aside – getting their hands on all your sensitive information).

Phone keep your data safe

Download a Phone Locator App

Protect yourself in the event of a lost phone. Backup your phone before you leave on your trip and ensure that – should you lose your phone – you can remotely wipe it from a computer.  Many smartphone apps such as “Find My iPhone” or “Where’s my Droid” allow you to completely wipe personal data off your phone or text message a custom set of words that will turn off your silent mode and will start ringing (great for those times you misplace your phone in a hotel room too!).

Log Out of Your Personal Accounts (on your phone & at the internet cafes!)

It’s mighty tempting to log into your Facebook account to post updates on your trip and let your friends know all the fun you’re having.  Yet you run the risk of allowing people access into your data by staying logged in.  Do yourself a favor and take the extra step of putting in your password to stay connected on social media.  You can say farewell to all those prank Facebook status updates too!  Make sure to uncheck the box that says “stay logged in” which may automatically be checked.

Delete Geo-tagging On Your Photos

Many devices are actually preset to target the exact location you snapped your photos and attach it to the photo’s data (cough – iPhone – cough) – meaning if you share that photo with anyone, you could be revealing the exact location you are currently at – which reveals a lot of information about yourself.  Make sure to check your photo settings on your smartphone to ensure that you’re maintaining your location and whereabouts.