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Making Spring Resolutions For Summer Travel


New Years isn’t the only time we make resolutions. With spring around the corner, you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re all trying to figure out ways to take advantage of the longer days – and how we can fill our time with special projects before the hot days of summer come creeping in.

Here are 5 spring Resolutions you can make for summer travel that you can start working on today!

Getting into shape

Winter, spring, summer, or fall – getting into shape (mind you we didn’t say lose weight!) is probably on the top of everyone’s resolution list.  You may be getting bikini ready to hit the beach, or you’re getting physically fit to tackle the hikes through Machu Picchu, but with the days getting longer and the mornings getting warmer, it’s time to kick your butt into high gear and starting gearing it towards summer travel.

Try Something New

We’re less than 3 months into the new year, so why not tackle something in the spring time?  Spring schedules at your local community centers are listing all sorts of new hobbies and one of our favorites?  Learning a new language!  You can also start taking classes in rock climbing, bike riding, or running and find different ways to incorporate your new-found activities into your travels.

Eat the Rainbow

Springtime is the renewal of life and with it comes an abundance of fruits and vegetables that are ripe for the picking.  Incorporating them into your diet can help with your immune system, which will in turn keep you healthier for your travels later on.  It’s also a great time for foodies to explore different cuisines and open up their palates to new tastes – piquing your curiosity early on makes traveling and eating so much easier!


Spending Time with Friends & Family

Why not plan a trip with your friends or your family?  Now’s a great time to start following some great money-saving tips so that you (and your loved ones) can embark on the trip of a lifetime together this summer!  Make sure you get some quality time in because we know you’re already gearing up for a summer abroad, right?

Rework Your Wardrobe & Donate the Old Pieces!

What better way to spruce up your wardrobe than with a few new pieces from the Spring collections?  Wait – before you rush out and start buying out the stores, you should filter through your existing wardrobe and remove any pieces that you don’t wear anymore.  Do some early spring cleaning and donate those goods to a local thrift shop so that you can make room in your closets (and do good!).  Then you’ll have all your new shoes and clothes broken in and ready for your summer vacation… comfy and cozy!

What are some springtime resolutions you’re making for your summer travels?