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Travelling with your squad vs main squeeze

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Travelling alone is always an awesome choice, but sometimes you want a partner in crime (or two), right? Then the hard decisions start, and you have to ask yourself the age old question – who’s the perfect travel companion? Travelling with your crew can be a very different experience than travelling with your S.O. (significant other) and depending on what you’re looking for, that decision can make or break your trip.

Here are a few things to consider when you’re deciding between your squad and your bf/gf:


Travelling with your Squad

Best Case Scenario

ALL of the quality time

If you’re in a relationship, chances are you aren’t spending as much time with your friends as you used to. Taking a squad vacay is the perfect way to schedule in some amazing and uninterrupted quality time with your friends.

Turn up

If you’re looking to let your hair down and have some fun, your squad is probably gonna create a more care-free environment for you to do so. Whether it’s dancing all night or indulging in some crazy retail therapy, your friends are usually the best candidates to help encourage your wild side.


Chances are you spend a lot of time with your S.O., and even though you’ll probably miss them, it’s good to miss someone every now and then. Time on your own is healthy – it helps you maintain your identity as an individual rather than just a pair, and that little bit of space may also give you the chance to truly evaluate your relationship.


If you’re going with a group of friends, at least you have the chance to mix and match a bit throughout your trip. You can rotate your seat buddy, roommate, dance partner or wingman, and you don’t have to worry as much about overdoing that one-on-one time. Friend #1 may not be into your spontaneous idea, but friend #2 may be the perfect sidekick for that situation. We like options.

Be mindful of


If you’ve never lived with your friends, travelling with them may be an eye opening experience for all parties. Spending a lot of uninterrupted time with anyone can lead to bickering and you’ll probably get on each other’s nerves a few times, so you just need to remember why you’re friends and focus on staying civil to protect your bond for when you get home.

Going rogue

If your crew is made up of different personalities, it may be hard to agree on what to do all of the time. Just remember that you don’t have to spend 100% of your time together, and it’s better to divide and conquer than constantly conceding to the preferences of one person.


Rollin’ with your S.O.

Best Case scenario

The ultimate test

A wise man once said that you should travel with someone before you move in with them/marry them, and we totally agree. Travelling shows you how someone handles stress, organization, other cultures, decision making and so many other important factors. So much will be revealed, and for better or worse, by the end of your trip you’ll have a good idea if this is someone you should continue spending time with or not.

All the Mems

If you’re serious about your main squeeze, travelling as a couple will give you so many amazing memories that you’ll definitely cherish for the rest of your relationship. You may even be so elated that you’ll physically print out photos so that one day you can show your grand kids the amazing adventures you two went on in your youth. Travelling really changes you as a person, and if you’re passionate about it and so is your S.O., it’s an amazing hobby that you can share and cherish forever.

Safe and sound

Sometimes old and new friends can be a bit flaky – your S.O. is hopefully pretty reliable, and it’ll be nice to know that someone will have your back during your trip. Stomach issues, temperamental bank card, epic hangover – they’re there through thick and thin.


Quality time is a relationship booster, and you’ll have a lot of it when you’re abroad. Imagine this; fabulous meals, leisurely walks, and exciting adventures – all potentially experienced without a phone in front of your face. Wouldn’t that be magical? Rely on Wi-Fi and enjoy each other’s company exclusively without the constant internet connection for once.

Somebody to lean on

Regardless of your mode of transportation, and even if you’re in the middle seat, sleeping upwards isn’t your only option.  Don’t worry about accidentally snuggling with a stranger and rest assured that your boo’s got your back and you always have a shoulder to sleep on.

Be mindful of

Reality Check

Just like with your crew, spending a lot of uninterrupted time with your S.O. could expose you to some habits that you weren’t aware of. If you aren’t living together, your trip will give you a mini glimpse into what your cohabitation could be like, which is super valuable if you’re looking for something serious and long term. Just be prepared to sacrifice a bit of the relationship romance when you’re sharing a bathroom and close living quarters day in and day out.

Being too couply

You two may be tempted to do all of the couply things and spend your entire vacay with linked pinkies like you’re on a premature honeymoon, but if you’re looking to meet new people and get to know the locals you’re probably gonna miss out on a lot this way. It’s natural for you two to gravitate together, but make sure you’re not being standoffish.

Holiday Brawl

A holiday isn’t like being at home – if you get into a petty argument you can’t just slam the door and go home or call up your bestie for a good rant session. You really have to choose your battles, otherwise be prepared to shell out the bucks to change your travel plans or suffer through a really awkward plane ride home.

Main Suqeeze

Or, do both!

If you’re really torn, why choose? Grab some friends, your S.O. and some of their friends, and get outta town. This truly has the potential to be the best of both worlds. Quality squad time, a little romance, and the opportunity to really merge your friend groups together, all in one hilarious and memorable travel package.

Sure, things could go wrong, some personalities may not mesh and there’s a higher chance of temporarily misplacing group members along the way, but at the end of the day it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget. The more the merrier, we say.