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Is this the ultimate travel bucket list for adrenalin junkies?

A person on a travel adventure is hanging from a rope in a river.

Calling all thrill seekers. Do you consider yourself an extreme adventurer and an all-round adrenaline junkie? Get your kicks out of that tummy turning, nerve racking, sick with excitement/fear feeling? This list has your name allllll over it…

Skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

I can vouch for this one, it’s INSANE (in a good way)! Starting with a 30 minute scenic flight from Cairns, followed by a stomach churning, adrenaline filled 30 second free-fall, skydiving sure is one hell of a rush. Jumping from approx. 14,000 ft. may scare the living daylights out of you, but it also gives you the most unreal bird’s eye view of the World Heritage Rainforest, tropical islands and clear blue seas of the Great Barrier Reef. Strapped to a professional tandem skydiver, you’ll plummet through blue skies before your instructor pulls the parachute cord and you peacefully drift back down to civilization.

skydiving over the barrier reef

Mountain biking down The North Yungas Road in Bolivia

Also known as ‘The Death Road’, this is not for the faint hearted … or those who value their lives. If you quite literally fancy living on the edge, La Paz’s 40-mile journey offers jaw-dropping views across the rolling hills of the Amazon rainforest, which can be a little distracting with a 15,000 ft. drop. Considered THE most dangerous road in the world, the deadly path provides as a transport link for many locals who risk their lives on a daily basis, however it also offers an opportunity for some crazy tourists to experience a ‘once in a lifetime’ biking trip through the clouds and waterfalls of Bolivia.

Braving The World’s Highest Cliff Jump in Queenstown, NZ

Launching yourself off a Canyon Swing in New Zealand, Queenstown is one sure way to get an adrenaline hit! Expect amazing views as you take a 60m jump, leap, solo or tandem free fall and 200m swing down the famous Shotover canyon. Flipping and spinning 360 degrees down the gorge is said to be one of the most gravity defining sensations there is! Well I guess you’ll only know if you try it. For more NZ experiences, check out our NZ No Regrets musts…

bungee jumping in new zealand

Swimming with Great White Sharks, South Africa

What’s more terrifying then seeing a shark? Seeing a shark whilst you’re trapped in a cage underwater? That should do it. If this is what does it for you then head to the Southern tip of South Africa, around Cape Town and Mossel Bay where you’ll be inundated with opportunities to rub shoulders with these majestic creatures. Or take it one step further and eliminate the cage all together for a real up close encounter. The choice is yours.

Snorkelling in south africa

Night Volcano Trekking, Indonesia

Another ridiculous adrenaline travel pursuit is trekking up Mount Ijen … in the pitch black darkness.  On route you’ll be met by a volcano crater where sulphur flames and magical blue fire are emitted. Despite being out of your comfort and health & safety zone, this experience does offer a spectacular sunrise view as well as geology & lakes throughout. It’s said to be an intense, challenging & emotional experience which isn’t for the faint hearted. Check out Ijen Expedition or Bali Jungle Trekking if you’re up for a heart raising hike.

Dive into Devil’s Pool, Zambia

Located at the edge of a waterfall, the Zambezi River in Africa, which borders the Victoria Falls, is quite possibly the ultimate infinity pool. Known as ‘Devils Pool’, it takes a rocky walk and swim against an almighty current to get to these jaw dropping views. Described by my 61 year old dad as “An exhilarating and mind blowing experience, completed with magnificent views”, I was a little taken aback to receive a video of him hanging off the edge of a 100m drop over the world’s largest waterfall. Again, not for the health & safety conscious, or weak swimmers!

the devil's pools in zambia