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How do I…understand my horoscope better?

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For some of us, checking our horoscope is just part of the daily routine. But what do they actually mean when they talk about ruling planets, rising signs, and zodiac charts? Wonder no more, our Astrology 101 class is here to help you get the most out of your horoscope.

Get to know your different signs

Your sun sign is your basic star sign, the sign you go to when you look for your horoscope. At any moment, the sun aligns with one of the 12 signs on the Wheel of the Zodiac. It spends roughly a month moving through each sign for a period known as the ‘solar season’.

We all know our sun signs, but I’ll bet you didn’t know you also had a moon and a rising sign, as well as about 10 others. While your sun sign is based on your birthday, your rising sign, for example, is calculated using your exact time, day, month, year, and country of birth (so, pretty darn specific). For a more accurate reading, check your horoscope for all your signs.

Get familiar with your ruling elements

Ok, so you just wanna focus on your sun sign. Fair enough. Next step? Delve deep into what makes your sign unique compared to the other 11. Every sign has its own ruling elements as planets, which influence its traits and behaviour. Water, fire, sun, moon, fire, jupiter – all these planets and elements have a direct effect on your mood, emotions and personality. Understanding which ones relates to you means you’ll be more in sync with your star sign’s identity. 

Pay attention to timing

Buckle down for this next bit: If your birthday falls on the beginning of one of the four seasons, your sign is cardinal. If your birthday falls midway through a season, you sign is fixed. If your birthday is at the end of a season, your sign is mutable. Got it? Phew!

These qualities determine your signs behaviour. For example, cardinal signs are natural leaders, fixed signs are skilful executors, and mutable signs tend to go with the flow. So keep your eyes peeled for these behavioural traits in your horoscope when your birthday comes around…


Be wary of sign star sign compatibility

Consider the following scenario: You’ve matched with someone on tinder. You meet up in person and immediately hit it off (just like your horoscope said you would). Convinced you’ve found the one, you do an online astrology compatibility test, and to your despair find that your signs are about as compatible as toothpaste and orange juice. You block their number forever and forget the date ever happened. 

I’m of course speaking from experience, and I know for a fact that I’m not the only one. The world of dating in 2018 is confusing AF, and horoscopes are our way of making sense of it. When you discover someone’s sign, ignore the negatives and focus on the positives. You’ve got all this to look forward to as you get to know them!

Take regular breaks

What with all the planets, houses and motifs, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by astrological jargon. Take regular breaks from your horoscope, and remember that you’re not reduced to your sign. Take some time to think about the role that you want horoscopes to play in your life, and how important they are to you.

There’s no right or wrong way of approaching horoscopes per-se. Some just want to focus on their sun sign, and for others, becoming experts gives them a strong sense of identity. Both are super interesting ways to get to know yourself. Take your time with it – it should be fun, not a chore!

Take horoscopes with a pinch of salt

Adulting is exhausting, and we’ve all had moments where we fondly look back on the days when everything we did was dictated by our parents. In many ways, horoscopes are like your parents telling you what to do – but in this case, your parents take the form of…well, the solar system. 

It’s easy to fall into the habit of consulting your horoscope (aka your planet-parents) for everything. Checking it regularly to see what your month is going to look like is one thing, but consulting it on the daily and letting it dictate your life is a strong no no. Don’t forget, horoscopes aren’t meant to be taken literally…