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The US is the No.1 travel destination for young people in 2018


We surveyed 3000 18-35 year olds to find out where you want to travel in 2018 and surprisingly (and not for the first time), the US came out on top…

Australian and Canadian’s in particular are itching to head to America, whilst it came in as the #2 destination for those from the UK and New Zealand.

The popularity of the US is a continuous pattern in the Contiki 2017 No Regrets List, which showed the USA pop up again and again in our ‘20 most iconic travel experiences to do in 2017’ list. With #6 being ‘a road trip down route 66’, #12 ‘visit Yosemite National Park’ and #17 ‘explore the Grand Canyon by helicopter’, it seems you guys just can’t get enough of lusting after a slice of the states!

Here’s why:

It’s a varied destination

From desserts to iconic cities, the US sure does offer a huge variety of destinations. A trip from east to west will have you going everywhere, from the city of New York to the sunny coasts of California. It’s this variety that makes America a destination that exposes you to different ways of living, viewpoints and surroundings. Want to see it all and more? Check out our Epic Adventure trip.


The Food is ridiculous

The food, oh the food. Expect to be biting your way through Chicago deep dish pizzas, Texas southern friend chicken, New York bagels and California green goddess smoothies. The food across America is most definitely diverse and a great way of representing the variety of cultures the country has to offer. Want to taste it all and more? Check out our Munch trip.

Food truck-US

The great outdoors will wow your brain

Travel is all about challenging yourself, and the vast landscapes of the USA offer the perfect opportunity. Hiking up the mountain ranges of Yosemite National Park, navigating your way on a road trip along route 66 or taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon are just some of the countless adventures you could be having. These adventures are not only hella fun, they also create a great sense of belief in yourself and what you can achieve. Check out our California Highlights trip is your all about challenges and adventures.


You’ll start to understand the bigger picture

The USA has been in the spotlight of global politics and current affairs over the past few years. Living outside of the US bubble it’s easy to form opinions and make judgements, but it’s not until you’ve spoken to those living in the country and perhaps seen the way in which different parts of the country live, can those opinions actually be informed. Being surrounded by US media and television and seeing how politics is talking about and broadcast will also be beneficial, meaning when you come home you might not be so quick to make judgements, given you’ve now got the bigger picture. Check out our Eastern Discovery trip for a walk through the US’ political history.