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Using what you’ve learned travelling for a more sustainable lifestyle at home

Two people standing on a hill overlooking a valley in Spain.

After experiencing a new culture, an unfamiliar way of life or a land unknown, we often promise ourselves to put these eye-opening experiences to good use once back home. But the truth is, it’s just as easy to forget these new found learnings once the regular routine kicks back in.

Whether you were on an epic round-the-world adventure, or just a quick escape, there are always lessons you can take away from your time abroad that can create a more sustainable lifestyle at home…

Simplify your life

Packing for a trip may seem like a daunting task, but in reality it puts you to the test. What do you actually need? You quickly realize that you can survive solely on what you packed into your suitcase. Travelling teaches you that you can live with less, whether it is through the simple act of packing, or witnessing an entire culture live off the necessities. De-clutter your life, and realize that sustainable consumption will not only make daily life easier, but can also be better for the environment long-term.

sustainable life at home - image of a packed suitcase

Cook green

Raise your hand if you participated in a local cooking class while travelling? Now raise your hand if you never recreated that delicious, life-changing recipe in your own kitchen? With our fast-paced lifestyles, it is easy to just grab and gobble down fast food. Cooking at home supports a healthier lifestyle, and also reduces waste. Embrace your inner foodie, and start recreating your favourite recipes at home, with fresh, green ingredients.

Shop locally

You probably bought a few souvenirs from the local people of your destination, perhaps because you thought about the positive effects it would have on their local economy, or maybe you just wanted to take home something truly authentic. Hold onto this feeling, and search for opportunities to shop locally at home. Local markets, artists, and other entrepreneurial efforts all benefit from having the support of their community.

Live a more active lifestyle

Maybe you enjoyed walks, hikes and cycling during your travels. It is easy to fall back into the habit of hopping into your car for a short trip once you’re home, but even the shortest trip has long-term side effects on our environment. Channel your inner traveller, and take a walk to work, or invest in a bike and start a new and fulfilling hobby, that will not only better your health, but also the environment.

Two people enjoying a sustainable lifestyle by riding bikes down a path in a park.


Many take the time they travel to become altruistic, so why not use the spirit of giving when back home as well? Remember how good it felt to help someone in need? There are environmental causes in your own backyard that would greatly appreciate the same efforts, and will also put you in touch with your own community.


Have more tips on ways to live a more sustainable life at home? Leave them in the comments below…