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house party - image of colour powder at the chateau

We’re gonna bet you’ve never seen a house party quite like this one…

Ever dreamed of being King for just one day, crown, sceptre, adoring subjects, the lot? Haven’t we all! But realistically, it’s never gonna happen (although we do hear Prince Harry is on the lookout for a wife…).

At least that’s what Dave thought, just a regular guy from Perth, Western Australia. His ultimate travel dream was to live like a King in Europe but, like you, he never thought it would happen. UNTIL IT DID.

Enter the Contiki Legends team – you know, the guys that brought us cliff diving in the Amalfi, pranking a whole group of Contiki travellers, and mad dancing all across Europe. I think by now we can assume that these guys don’t do things by halves, so when it came to ideas about how to turn Dave’s dream legendary, there was only ever one choice – throw the biggest and best house party the world has ever seen at Contiki’s ‘house’ – the 16th Century Chateau de Cruix nestled deep in the French countryside – all in King Dave’s honour.

So what are the ingredients to a killer house party? Well, music obviously – it ain’t no party without an epic soundtrack. So they brought in chart topping electronic duo Flight Facilities to tick that off the list (that’s Dave in the middle looking pretty pleased with himself).

house party - image of Flight Facilities

Next, some hot babes. Here’s Carissa Walford, host of Australia’s Channel V, who helped bring Dave’s dream to life.

house party - image of Carissa Walford

A pool’s not a bad shout either. The Chateau just happens to have a BEAUTIFUL one.

house party - image of Chateau pool

And what’s a party without a bouncy castle, balloons, glitter, confetti canons, colour powder, and one hell of a massive sign depicting just who the party is all in aid of?

house party - image of crowd at chateau
house party - image of colour powder at the chateau
A vibrant banner displaying the words

So fair to say pretty much the best party EVER, and we think King Dave agrees:

“There were so many good aspects to the party it is hard to pin point one. From Flight Facilities on the decks on the steps, to the bouncy castle (childhood favourite), drinks flowing, confetti cannons, pool toys and the fantastic setting – it really was one of the best, if not the best day of my life.”

And how did it feel to be King for one whole day?

“The best thing was actually the attitude from the crowd. It was as if wearing that crown and cape commanded respect from everybody in sight. All of a sudden everyone knew my name, wanted selfies or to give me a drink, stop for a chat or just smile and wave on the way past. The building itself is really old and kind of hipster-rustic, if that’s a way you can describe a 16th century chateau, so I think that made me feel like that was my castle too. (I definitely would have taken the top room, I mean I am the King after all).”

If being King (or Queen) looks and sounds anything like this experience, Prince Harry better watch out as his next wife (me) is coming for him…