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10 Ways Travelling Actually Makes You MORE Employable

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If you’ve spent a gap year (or more) travelling overseas living it up and seeing the sights, you might have a bit of anxiety around your employability when you come home. Will anyone want to hire you with such a big blank on your resume? Have you missed the crucial career starting point by taking time off? The answer is NO! Turns out travelling may actually benefit you in the long run and make you more employable…

In a study, Hostelworld interviewed 1,000 people (including recruiters and hiring managers) in eight countries (such as Spain, South Korea, England and Germany) on whether a person’s candidacy for a job was affected by their well-travelled past. The study found that in the UK alone, 64% of people thought travelling made you more employable. The even better news though, is that a huge 82% of employers said that travel improves your chances of getting the job! So how do employers make the jump from good traveller to good team member?

1. You’re more confident

In the study, 38% of people said that travel had the ability to boost confidence. When you think about the leap it takes to get out of your comfort zone (especially if you’re travelling solo), being surer of yourself after a trip makes perfect sense.

2. You have better people skills

Unless you’re going to an isolated hut in the woods, you’ll have been chatting to people on your travels. 37% of people in the survey said travel increased their people skills and that’s a must for any good workplace.

3. You’re adaptable

Flexibility is actually now the most desired skill in the work force, and 35% of people confirmed that travel gave you the skill to adapt to new situations well. Think about how quickly things can change while travelling and you’ll see why that’s great in the ever-changing landscape of modern business.

4. You’re a better communicator

Another reason you’re more employable after travelling, you can communicate much better than the average Joe! Muddling through foreign languages, finding bathrooms when you can’t read the signs and connecting with people from all walks of life are some travel situations that will improve your performance in a job.

5. You can provide (and be open to) a different point of view

When you travel you tend to be more open to different opinions and ideas. 20% of survey respondents said that travellers have a more global view of the world and can bring this into companies, allowing them to see the bigger picture.

6. You’re better with money

You may not feel this way yourself after you get back from a trip, but 19% of people said that travel does teach you to be more financially responsible. Obviously an employee who understands the importance of keeping the dollars and cents in check is a big plus for workplaces.

7. You know what you want out of life

A whopping 62% of people in the study said that their travel experiences had helped them understand what they wanted to do with their life. A taste of the world will give you drive and direction, and nothing is more appealing to employers than someone who wants to be there and has a clear plan for their role.

8. You have a good network

All the people you meet along the way in your adventures may become friends, or lovers, or the foot in the door for your next job! 46% of those who had travelled in the study said they made connections with people while travelling who helped them land their future job. Get chatting!

9. You’re more innovative

Travelling involves a fair amount of thinking outside of the box (have you ever dried clothes in a dorm room?) and those who have been jet setting are more entrepreneurial and innovative. 34% of people in the study who had travelled had experience with being self-employed and that entrepreneurial spirit fits in well at any office.

10. You’re independent

The data also suggested overall that travellers are more independent and decisive. That means they’ll be pro at working solo, making decisions and staying driven at work. Who wouldn’t want to hire someone like that?!