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Travel themed gifts for the wanderluster in your life

Travel Gifts

We love a good pair of Christmas jammies or two, but if there’s one thing you can pretty much count on for a professional wanderluster, it’s that we’re always looking for the newest and coolest travel accessories, gadgets and décor to further proclaim our devotion to the nomad life. The holidays are no different, and if you wanna give us a gift you’re special global roamer will love, a travel gift is IT.

Whether they’ve been naughty or nice, these 19 gift ideas will get your Christmas shopping all wrapped up…


Because tapestries are the new posters, and what you save on a picture frame can go right into that travel fund.

Whether it’s a funky map print, a cultural pattern from your favourite vacation spot, or your go-to travel quote, as long as you’ve got some wall or ceiling space and a couple of push pins you’re good to go.

Toronto Pride

Portable charger

Because batteries die, and our hearts break every time they do.

They’re great for everyday life, but when you’re travelling the last thing you wanna do is sit beside an electrical outlet for an hour in the middle of your day to charge up. This is especially key if you’re using your phone as a camera, or using battery draining apps like Snapchat.

Toronto Pride

Destination Candles

Because you shouldn’t have to long for the smells of destinations-past.

If we could drown out the smell of our burnt dinner and spend a few minutes with our eyes closed, inhaling the sweet scents of Santorini every evening, we think we’d be happier people in general, don’t you?

Destination Candles

Swell bottle

Because you might as well stay hydrated in style.

We often forget to drink enough water when we’re travelling, and if you combine that absentmindedness with the dry airplane air, time spent in the midday sun and evening bevvies, you’re gonna be nothing but headachy and parched. Keeping your bevvies super-hot or cold for the whole day, depending on how you like it, just makes staying hydrated that much more appealing.

A travel-themed water bottle with a tropical print.

Bendy sunnies

Because we’ve all broken our sunglasses on holiday, and there isn’t much worse.

Your eyes are the windows of your face, and there’s no way we wanna start our vacation with our favourite drapes, and end up scouring a souvenir shop for passable horizontal blinds to get through the day. Finding a pair of flattering sunglasses is hard enough as it is, so make them flattering AND durable and we’re happy travellers.

Scratch maps

Because there are few things more satisfying than carefully scratching off the foil to tick off another country from your list.

Frame it as a badge of honour or store it for your own personal post-trip ritual, but keeping track of where we’ve been just makes us more excited about all of the places we still need to see.

Scratch Map

Good Wireless headphones

Because we don’t like to be tied down, and headphones are just a necessity when you’re travelling, period.

On any form of transportation, or even just to catch some zzzs in a noisy part of town, if they’re noise cancelling, wireless and stylish, they’re definitely for us.

Wireless Headphones

Travel card game

Because phone batteries die, and playing with others is better.

It’s amazing how much fun you can get out of a good ol’ fashioned board or card game when you’re trying to kill some time, and although we wish we could carry around a full Monopoly board with us, a travel-sized version does the trick too.

Card Game

Lumee Case

Because selfie sticks might not be for you, but good photo lighting is for everyone.

You’d be amazed at all of the times a good phone light comes in handy when you’re abroad, and not just for emergency “is there food in my teeth?” selfies either.

Lumee Case

Packing cubes

Because they may seem like a boring gift, but they’re life-changing for suitcase users.

If you’re one of those people whose suitcase contents magically explode all over your room as soon as you open that zipper, you’re gonna love keeping everything out of sight until you need it, especially when you’re in a rush to check out in the morning.

Packing cube

Mobile lens kit

Because filters can only do so much.

If you’re a phone photography enthusiast, lenses are an easy way to play around with your shots, and the wide angle lenses are especially handy for scenery and group photos.

Mobile Lenses

Saje Pocket Farmacy

Because we need soothing, refreshing comfort no matter where we go.

Headaches, sickness, stress and digestion issues are not welcome guests on any of our vacations, so having great smelling remedies on hand to fight them off is always a good idea.

Saje Farmacy

Heart marks the spot pillow

Because our favourite place is up for grabs at all times.

If you’re low on wall space and want a subtle reminder of where in the world you left your heart last, expressing it in pillow form does the trick nicely.

Heart Pillow

Sunrise Simulator Alarm clock

Because noisy alarm clocks and jet lag are the WORST.

You’re on vacation, so you should get to decide when the day starts, right? Simulate the rising sun at 1pm if you want to and wake up on your terms without an aggressive chime.

Alarm Clock

Tracking tile

Because chances are if you’re moving around a lot, you’re bound to leave something behind every now and again.

It won’t walk your lost item back to you, but knowing exactly where you left it is the first step in reducing panic when you don’t have time to retrace your steps through Eastern Europe.

Tracking tile

Travel Journals

Because photos are great and all, but you’ll be glad later that you put pen to paper.

It doesn’t have to be an autobiography, but jotting down key experiences and feelings makes for a great keepsake when your travelling days are behind you. Bucket list journals are especially fun, since you get to record exactly what ticking off that ‘to-do’ actually felt like in the moment.

Travel Journal

Photo printer

Because sometimes you need physical evidence of all the fun that was had.

If anything ever happened to the cloud (which we’re constantly paranoid about BTW), at least you’d have something to remember your trip by. And physical photos are much easier to show off at your grandma’s house, especially if you only want her to see the filtered down version of your adventures.



Because it’s like a swiss army knife for your body.

Perfect for chilly summer evenings, sudden bouts of rain, an instant pillow or blanket on a bus ride, an instant modesty creator in religious buildings – there isn’t much you can’t do with a big ol’ scarf when you’re travelling.

Blanket Scarf

Foreign Currency

Because duh.

If you know we’ve got a trip coming up, you better believe we’re gonna love you for saving us a trip to the currency exchange with some foreign Christmas cash. If you’ve been there before and wanna gift us some of your leftover change, we’re always welcoming of that too.

Christmas Cash