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The weirdest spots to catch your zzz’s across the globe

A crane on a dock is one of the weirdest places to sleep.

Going home to your cosy bed tonight? Time to get original with these outrageously quirky places you’d never imagine actually exist. Read on to find out where your dream bed really awaits you…


Make childhood dreams come true thanks to this unusual tree-house hanging three meters above the ground. Hike your way through the woods to discover this adult-friendly cocoon where you’ll be living at one with nature. Perfect for checking out the animals discretely, this human nest offers a completely bonkers outdoor experience.

Where? North Cornwall, United Kingdom

Tree house


Don’t just travel in a plane, sleep in one too. This 1965 Boeing 727 located in the Costa Rican jungle has been entirely refurbished into a hotel for you to come try it out. Get ready for take off…

Where? Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

A bizarre place to sleep: A plane-mounted house.

The Catacombs

Last year, Airbnb rented out beds in the catacombs of Paris – aka the scariest horror film setting imaginable. With more than six million human skeletons “decorating” the walls of this gruesome setting, there was no better place for a romantic date on Halloween to be 100% on point with the celebration of the dead…

Where? Underground of the French capital, Paris

Catacombs of Paris

The Glass Igloo

If you’ve dreamed of seeing the northern lights, here’s a way to make the experience even more memorable. Tucked in one of these igloos with glass ceilings, you’ll feel like a modern day eskimo AND won’t miss a second of the greatest natural light show on earth – what more could you want?

Where? Kakslauttanen, Finland

Glass Igloo

The Fort

Searching for a place to throw the party of the century? Look no further: this “no man’s fort” is the bomb. Built in the 1880’s from fear of invasion by French troops, the fort has since gone through some serious transformations and is now a peculiar hotel and private venue island floating near the English coast. Start saving up though, a night spent in the fort is as unreal as the price.

Where? Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Weirdest places to sleep: An aerial view of a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean.

The Crane Hotel

Those who like to have an adrenaline rush right before going to bed will surely enjoy sleeping 17 meters above the ground in this renovated crane. Modern showers, loos and even hosts that send you breakfast up a small elevator – this place is the ultimate getaway for a weird yet wonderful thrill “entirely at one’s own risk”, as written on the website…

Where? Harlingen, Netherlands

A bathroom with red walls and a sink, one of the weirdest places to sleep.

A Prison

Ever wondered what life is like behind bars? Well, in Latvia your curiosity can become a reality. Head to the Karosta prison where visitors can sleep in cells on a hard bed with a thin blanket for as long as they like. We doubt you’ll get too comfortable in here but it seems like that’s the whole point: getting an idea of the harsh treatments endured by old convicts so that you go home and don’t ever take that soft comfy mattress of yours for granted, ever, ever, again.

Where? Karosta, Latvia

Prison in Latvia

The Ice Hotel

In 1989, the coolest – in every way possible – hotel was created. Since then, artists get together every end of summer to build a unique version of the Ice Hotel, a construction formed of approximately 700 million snowballs. For all the warm-blooded or dare-devils out there, pack your thermal underwear, fluffiest socks and don’t shave for weeks because it’s bound to get chilly (lowest temperature indoor is -7 C).

Where? Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Ice hotel