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What to bring and what to wear this festival season

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Ahhhh, festival season. The perfect way to see all of your favourite artists in one epic weekend. Not for the faint of heart, a festival is a marathon not a sprint, and requires preparedness and planning, as well as a tolerance of any and all possible elements.

Depending on where your festival is and the facilities available, bringing the essentials with you can make a world of difference.

Here are our top tips for what to pack to complete your festival outfit this summer:

Collapsible water bottle

Less bulk, waste, money – it’s the best water solution all around.


Remember those? They were crucial in the days before smartphones, and continue to be crucial in situations where electrical outlets are scarce. Because the last thing you wanna do is miss your fave act perform because you lost track of time.

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Because a whole day or weekend in the sun is no joke, and nothing takes away from festival fun like sunburn.

Comfortable Shoes

Preferably water/ mud proof, or something you can wear without socks (because wet socks are the worst).


Less bulky than carrying around a raincoat, and good to have in case a harmless drizzle turns into a torrential downpour.

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They serve so many purposes, from a sweaty day refresh to cleaning up a spilt beverage to godsends in the bathroom; they’re essential.


Whatever you may really need, whether it’s migraine pills, eye drops, Pepto – bring it with you and don’t rely on finding some in a time of need.


Sit on it rolled up like a cushion, cover up with it when it’s chilly or lay it out to secure your square of turf.

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Waterproof bags

To put your money, phone and other things in that you don’t want getting wet/ lost/ rolling around in your bag.

Sweater or jacket

Because festival days can be real hot, but the nights get cool.

Fanny Pack

Our favourite handsfree way to keep your goods close, in sight and safe.

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Avoid ATM fees and the long ATM lines. Just be sure to store it somewhere safe.


No one wants to squint for days on end.

Your boldest look

Because you won’t be the only one, and all fashion rules are off at a festival.

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